Inklingo Curves in Electric Quilt

Annika's border on Ruth's COTSG

1. Borders for the Case of the Secret Garden (COTSG Mystery)

Annika at Stof Genoeg in The Netherlands uses Electric Quilt to turn her ideas into inspiration for the rest of us.

This border for Ruth’s black and red COTSG is just one of the spectacular borders Annika designed with the COTSG mystery quilt project file.

You can see them all at Stof Genoeg. Annika’s blog is in English AND Dutch.

I found it impossible to pick a favorite. She is GOOD! (Annika also designs Inklingo projects for EQ Boutique!)

The beauty is that Annika’s sophisticated designs are not difficult to sew when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

There is no mystery about COTSG if you follow the step-by-step clues. They are a permanent resource on the blog and a perfect introduction to Inklingo for beginners.

ClubEQ March 2013

2. Quilts with Curves in the ClubEQ March Challenge

There are some fabulous Inklingo designs in the ClubEQ March Challenge.

I circled the designs on the first page from Laura, Erin, Charlsey, Missy, Beth, and Annika.

They used several different Inklingo shape collections like Drunkard’s Path, Sunflower, Drunkard’s Trail, Orange Peel, New York Wheel, Winding Ways, and Clamshell Pickle.

If you go to the Club EQ page and click on one of the little images, you will see a bigger version with all the glorious detail. You can also leave a comment for the designer.

Some of the other designs are inklingoable too, of course.

Everyone who entered a design—simple or advanced—receives ALL of the EQ project files for that month. That is a HUGE incentive to enter something, don’t you think? It is almost too good to be true.

I entered, so I got the secret link to ALL of the project files for March. Don’t you wish you had entered a design?

ClubEQ April 2013

3. Club EQ April Challenge

It’s too late for March, but it’s not too late to get smart in April. You don’t have to start with a dazzling display of EQ expertise! Everyone started as a beginner and your beginner design will be accepted.

Barb Vlack’s ClubEQ April Challenge is another fabulous one for Inklingo shapes.

You can do this!

You need to design a two-color quilt (blue and white?) and then make it scrappy. It’s a truly fun idea and it couldn’t be easier.

You can even start with one of the free Inklingo EQ project files. They are all listed under the EQ tab (beside the Top Ten Tutes) and there are tips for designing with Inklingo in EQ too.

There’s no excuse for not entering this one. You will learn something about using EQ and you will get a treasure trove of project files in May. Monkey thinks it is a no-brainer. (I can usually tell what he is thinking.)

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

4. The Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt (IPQ)

Overall designs like octagons can be a bit tricky but Monkey and I have a project file that we will share soon.

If you have EQ6 or EQ7, you will be able to make my design bigger or smaller and play with color.

Have you downloaded the first two parts of the lesson for the Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt yet? It is not just for beginners!

5. Happy Birthday to Driveway Barb!

This has nothing to do with EQ, but Monkey made me do it.

Or. . . . . maybe Barb will submit an Inklingo design for the ClubEQ April Challenge. How about YOU? The deadline is April 30. (Makes sense.)

Are you subscribed?

Coming soon in the IPQ Lesson:

  • the free EQ project file for the Periwinkle Quilt
  • combining hand and machine sewing in a hybrid quilt
  • how to change the size of the Periwinkle Quilt
  • and more!

If you don’t want to miss anything, you can enter your email address (right sidebar).

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. WOW! How special is that? A birthday wish on the blog – thanks Monkey! I feel very, very honored by the mention today. But mystery quilt (still working on that one), new periwinkle quilt (I can’t stand not to join in the fun) and now design a quilt in EQ too? Oy, vey! Me thinks me has to much to do with my 4,379 other projects (not that I’m counting or anything.)


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