Print Tumbler Shapes on Fabric with Inklingo

Print Tumbler on Fabric

Tumbling on to Something Good

Another hard drive crash at Inklingo headquarters, but this time, with nice consequences because I found an “almost finished” shape collection, so everyone can print tumbler shapes on fabric with Inklingo!

This is crash number 23 or 24 since August of 2002. I am getting quite good at recovery, thanks to off-site backup every night and frequent backups during the day.  The hard drive is one of the few mechanical parts in your computer, and it will fail—not if, but when, so please back up all those photos of your grandchildren now.  We’ll wait.  When you get back, we’ll tell you the rest of our crash-happy news.

Are you back?  Backed up?

Before I took the computer to Charles (everyone needs a Charles, he fixes stuff), I checked the other two working drives on the computer to make sure everything was copied somewhere else.

2-inch Tumbler Shape Collection

I found an almost-finished Tumbler collection!  I worked on it last winter and something must have happened to interrupt me—The Inklingo Handbook? Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery? Lucy Boston Patchwork of the CrossesDouble Wedding Ring?—because it was just sitting there, waiting for the finishing touches. How cool is that?

Inklingo Tumbler Quilt

Print Tumbler Shapes on Fabric with Inklingo

It is a great collection, and I’m very happy with it.

There are a few reasons to like this shape collection because it:
*** is ideal for chain piecing by machine
*** works for fussy cutting (See the videos for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses!)
*** includes complementary shapes for creative designers, like Cathi Godwin

Cathi's Tumbler Stars

*** plus it’s on sale until August 20th, 2009. (As usual, new shape collections are at a low sale price for the first few days in order to give a head start to anyone who subscribes to the blog.)

Tumbler Charm Quilt

You can print 4 of these on a charm.

Tumbler quilt templates

Then you can remove the freezer paper and rotary cut rows. Stack the rows and cut several layers at a time!

If you don`t need the sewing lines on every shape, layer the printed fabric with 2 or 3 unprinted fabrics and cut all the layers at the same time.

Templates for tumbler quilt

Monkey thinks you will fall for our tumblers. <groan> (As you know, Monkey loves a pun.)

Fall for a Tumbler Quilt

Monkey takes a tumble for tumblers printed on fabric

By the way, I had not backed up my e-mail for 10 days when “The Crash” (number one) occurred in August 2002.  I had just published Quilted Diamonds (my first book) in March.  In that crash, I lost an amazing message from a quilter in New Zealand.  If I had printed it (I almost never print e-mails), it would have been at least two pages long.  It was clever, and funny, and included multiple quotations from Jane Austen’s novels.  I was sick about losing it, and it still bothers me.  I do not know her name or e-mail address.  It was fresh and I had not replied yet, so somewhere in New Zealand, there is a quilter who thinks I did not bother to respond.  It still upsets me, seven years later.

Don’t let it happen to you.  Please look after your backups, and then go and check out the new Inklingo Tumbler Collection, okay? Then you can chain piece in peace, like Monkey.

Inklingo Tumbler Quilt by Machine

Chain Piece Tumblers Printed on Fabric with Inklingo

Hard drive takes a tumble. Tumbler collection is born.

That’s the news. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

3 thoughts on “Print Tumbler Shapes on Fabric with Inklingo”

  1. Agggghhhh!!! You have the worst luck with hard drives! I’m so sorry to hear this. What a way to introduce a new collection! But I love these little single shapes.

    More, more, more! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the extra reminder. I receive an automatic reminder that I have not backed up my hard drive in “X” number of days. I am embarrassed to say how many times I ignore it. I will definitely be more conscientious based on your experiences. I love the Tumbler collection!


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