Inklingo Half Square Triangles

Monkey predicts that you are going to need to make some HST (Half Square Triangles) for Friday’s block on the Inklingo Sampler Blog.

We are enjoying Tilde’s newest blog, and are sewing along with her. You can watch this 3-minute video now, and watch it again when you are stitching blocks for your Inklingo Sampler.

You can use this video to explain Inklingo to a friend. We also recommend the free PDF of Triangle Tips at

Will you be stitching with us this week?  Please send photos to Tilde, and write to the Inklingo Yahoo group about it too. Monkey loves being the star of these little videos.

Do you have any special requests for this blog?  We appreciate your comments, and we thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

5 thoughts on “Inklingo Half Square Triangles”

  1. Found the site searching for quilting tips and wanted to say i am amazed, it says its great for beginners and it looks like it is something i really can learn from thanks for the videos also helps to see things for me
    HUGS Dora

  2. Thanks so much for your video, Linda! I will be printing some triangles later this morning. After recently making a hand-pieced 4.25 inch block the old way with templates, I appreciate Inklingo even more. Thank-you for all you do!


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