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Even the smallest Inklingo  Shape Collections contain hundreds of pages, so it is more fun if you know the easiest ways to move from one page to another. Monkey’s Guided Tour is a free PDF to order and download from the website, but in addition, we have prepared a video overview to get you started.

Inklingo is amazingly simple to use, and there are more tips on the website. If you haven’t already, go ahead and order all of the free patterns. (Clue: They are all gathered together on the Beginner’s Page under the Getting Started tab.)

Lagniappe (Monkey’s Extra Tip)  Look at page 4 of the free shape collection for LeMoyne Star. It is info Monkey knows everyone wants, but it is easy to miss! You can either enter the page number as described in the video, or click on LeMoyne Star in the bookmarks, and advance by one page with the page arrow (beside the page number box). (Page H4 is also interesting, but the H is only required for pages in the free chapter of the Handbook. H is for the handbook. Monkey is recommending page 4, not page H4 this time.)

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