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Are you ready to get started with Inklingo?

Tilde in Copenhagen has created the Inklingo Sampler blog with instructions for making a sampler with various Inklingo shape collections. It is a brilliant idea, and Monkey and I are following along. The sampler blocks are a great way to get started with Inklingo, and fun for experienced Inklingoists too. Tilde is going to introduce us to many different blocks and we might even end up with a quilt! The blocks will be discussed in the Inklingo Yahoo group (very friendly), if you have questions. Everyone is welcome.

Monkey chose the fabric

Tilde’s instructions are for a single block with scraps of two contrasting fabrics, but Monkey got carried away.  Once he had chosen four fabrics, it seemed necessary to make four blocks. Apparently this is logical if you are a monkey.  Don’t ask.

4.5 inch LeMoyne Combo Layout
Combo Layout (pages 32-33 of the free collection)

Combo layouts in Inklingo make the printing especially fast and easy, so maybe that influenced Monkey. There are other layouts in each collection to give you a choice if you need all diamonds, or all squares, etc. from each fabric, and  Tilde includes details on the Inklingo Sampler blog.

Cutting and stitching lines on the wrong side of fabric

We printed four pages 6.75 x 9.75 inches from the free Inklingo Shape Collection, one from each fabric, but we could have printed 8 x 11.75 for larger blocks, using the 6 inch LeMoyne Star Shape Collection instead of the free shape collection.  Suggested custom page sizes are included in each Inklingo, and there is a PDF lesson to help you print your first Custom Size with any ordinary Inkjet printer. It’s easy after you’ve done it once. (Check out Support on

Shapes for the Inklingo Sampler block

Inklingo is a very fast way to prepare shapes for machine or hand piecing, and the layouts ensure that there is correct straight grain on every piece. Children and beginners can use scissors if they are not comfortable with a rotary cutter (yet).

Monkey thinks his fabrics look great in the finished blocks, and you can judge the results on the Inklingo Sampler Blog—one by machine, the others by hand. Some of the small images on Tilde’s blog can be clicked for a detailed view, so have a good look.

Three entries in my first three days! I need a rest. We won’t be blogging every day, but when there is something new and fun like this, we’ll be here.

Linda & Monkey

5 thoughts on “Inklingo Sampler Blog”

  1. How exciting to win Kaffe yarns and things. I have been knitting alot lately and the yarns he designs are just fabulous. They make beautiful socks and shawls out of sock yarn. You are one lucky lady.
    I just bought a kit at Houston Quilt Festival that has Kaffe fabrics and I will make it for my retreat quilt.
    Glad you were able to take the class even though he wasn’t interested in piecing techniques.
    Hugs, Melinda

  2. I ‘knew’ you could blog 😉 You’ve just been holding out for higher pay!
    Very little quilting here, am helping out my in-laws full time now. I did go wireless and that saves my sanity by allowing me to touch bases with my cyber friends. Old email addresses no longer exist.
    All the best, will add your link to my blog sidebar.

    I won Val’s kit in the other blog contest, I should pick that up if I ever get back home, maybe something like that I could work on…?
    hugs, Sharyn in Kalama

  3. When you are as good with your feet as your ‘hands’, then four is the perfect number as than you and display your ‘handy’ work all at one time.

    Way to go with the thinking ahead, Monkey. My dog, Cricket runs twice as fast as I can, because she has twice the number of legs, so Monkey’s logic is animalistically sound.


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