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The DWR Design Book (PDF) was free for years. Now it is $10 and when you buy related shapes in the following 60 days, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see your order, so it is still free with the shape collection. See more about Inklingo Design Books and how to get them on the Main Design Book Page.

Monkey decided to make part of the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Shape Collection into a free book. Read on to learn why! The Inklingo Shape Collection for Double Wedding Ring surprised me. Monkey and I are Inklingo’s biggest fans, but even we did not foresee how much easier DWR would be with Inklingo than with any other method. We want you to be amazed too.

** It is easier to design a DWR and calculate the yardage, thanks to Inklingo’s charts and worksheets.
** It is fast to cut perfect shapes with a rotary cutter OR scissors—no measuring!—cut on a line!
** It is easier to chain piece the arcs—stitch on the lines!
** It is easier to piece the curves by machine (or by hand), thanks to Inklingo’s matching marks.
** It is easier to assemble the top perfectly, thanks to Inklingo’s precise crosshairs.
** It is easier to press, with a guide for your ironing board included!

See Why I don’t sell acrylic templates too, okay?

Quilters who have tried it agree with us.

Bruce Stripe wrote: “It was a joy to work on the DWR.  You have made it so easy to piece together with Inklingo.  It was a pattern that I have wanted to try for a long time but was intimidated by, then you came along and made it all so easy.”

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt by Bruce Stripe

Bruce Stripe has a wonderful sense of color, and of stripes!

If you are a member of the Inklingo Yahoo Group, you can see more photos of Bruce’s Inklingo blocks, including DWR, Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses, and his wonderful system for organizing hundreds (thousands?) of Inklingo hexagons.

Inklingo DWR is a fabulous collection, and we want you to see for yourself, so all of the instructions for DWR from the Inklingo Shape Collection are available now, free, in a new 46-page book called Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Instructions. Enjoy!

Monkey says everyone loves free. Feel free to tell all of your friends about this free book, okay? It’s a great deal.

Thank you, Bruce, for letting me quote you, and letting me use your photos. You are an inspiration.

And thank YOU for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

6 thoughts on “Inklingo Double Wedding Ring – FREE BOOK”

  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the book!!! I have inklingo 1 . I was at the Dear Jane retreat when you got the word from the printer your product was being accepted for printing .Anyway I can understand why you were excited . Your creations just go on and on how wonderful it is for us to enjoy easier ways of quilting .Great products!!!!!
    Sincerely Debbie Kelly

  2. Psychedelic Bruce! I love these colors! And the DWR freebie is beautiful! Thanks so much Linda for sorting this all out for us, and so beautifully too. I will have to try this eye-popping pattern!


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