New Inklingo Basket Shape Collections

Inklingo Postage Stamp Basket

Are you ready to have some fun?

The new Inklingo Basket Shape Collections are full of fun—full to the brim!

There are at least seven things that make Inklingo Baskets extra special.


Inklingo Combo Layout for Basket


You may already have Inklingo triangles in other shape collections, but the seven combo layouts make these new shape collections amazing.

For example, Combo 4 (above) prints all the shapes at once (5 x 11) so you can mix and match for scrappy 4.5 inch Baskets.


Inklingo Pieced Baskets


If you piece the handle, you can have a different fabric below the handle to make it look as if the basket is full of flowers or space aliens. (Check your stash for frogs and cats.)


Inklingo Pieced Handle

Matching marks! Can you imagine piecing a handle like this without matching marks? I can’t!

With the lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo, the whole block can be pieced. This is fabulous for quilters who normally avoid appliqué but love baskets.

Monkey and I started piecing the handles when I was making Quilted Diamonds more than a decade ago. We used freezer paper templates in the olden days. It is even better when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

We rotary cut the curves too. Easy peasy. (Video)


Inklingo Baskets with Pieced Handles

An appliqué template can shift.

If the handle on a small block shifts 1/8 of an inch it can spoil everything.

Hooray!! If you piece it, you know the handle is positioned precisely. WOW.


Inklingo Back-basting Applique (Click for a larger view.)


This is exciting!

If you haven’t tried back-basting appliqué yet, these baskets are full of treats!

Why do we rave about back-basting appliqué? There is less preparation and each piece is always perfectly positioned.


Inklingo Applique Details

We think you will be amazed how fast it is to back-baste the handles, and we have added hearts and flowers to tempt you too.

We might even convert a few die-hard piecers to appliqué lovers!

There is a whole chapter about applique in The Inklingo Handbook and it focuses on back-basting.

(Monkey’s Tip:  Buy The Inklingo Handbook first, get the $10 coupon and then use it on your next order to buy some baskets!)


Inklingo Baskets - 3 Sizes

4. CHOICE OF SIZES – 6 inch, 4.5 inch, 3 inch

When I started this little adventure, I just planned on making 6 inch Baskets. They are perfect set on point with the On-Point 6 inch Triangles.

I liked sewing them so much, I decided we needed 4.5 inch Baskets too. After all, there are On-Point 4.5 inch Triangles.

One thing leads to another.

Is 3 inches too small? I had to try it.

Oh me, Oh my! 3 inch Baskets are so cute I can hardly stand it, but they are not for sissies. The pieces are small. You will either love them or hate them.

This means a new shape collection for On-Point 3 inch Triangles is coming soon too.

Blame it on Monkey, okay?


Inklingo Worksheets


Basket blocks have been popular for a very long time and it is no wonder.

There are a gazillion ways to use baskets. We included a few worksheets to get you started.


Faster preparation, no measuring, no templates, perfect straight grain, efficient use of fabric, exciting designs.

These baskets have all the usual advantages you expect from Inklingo.


$25 is great value, but $20 is even better. How can you resist?

Hurry!  The special sale price ends on Friday, November 8.


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Please tell your friends about the new baskets. We think they will thank you!

Stay tuned, okay? Our baskets are full of ideas.

Linda & Monkey

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13 thoughts on “New Inklingo Basket Shape Collections”

  1. Fantastic Linda, these look like tremendous fun – I love baskets. I’m still playing with the hexagons but can’t resist having some fun with these straight away!

  2. Baskets, I love them!! I think I might have a way to use up a lot of my ugly fat quarters this way. After all, I’ve never seen an ugly basket!! Thank you Linda!

  3. Fun new collections, Linda and Monkey! The 4.5 inch size will also make
    a Dear Jane block — I think it is J12.
    Now to decide on a size….
    On another note: I am waiting on pins n needles for your next new collection that goes with the upcoming Bonnie Hunter Mystery! Sew happy to hear you two are collaborating! Double the fun.

  4. Hi honey,
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have been waiting, patiently, for this. My granddaughter had surgery this AM and I am up in Birmingham, AL. May I put it on my daughter’s computer, this way I can go buy more material, not that I need an excuse, very nice shops up here.

  5. These are going to be such fun! I love that we have the choice of piecing the handles or appliquéing them! Piecing those handles adds some fun choices! Brilliant collections!


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