Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern

Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern in Singapore

Fern has finished her POTC quilt top and will be basting it this weekend.

I am thrilled that she has given me permission to show it to you!

CONGRATULATIONS, Fern! Your Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) is a masterpiece!


Inklingo POTC by Fern

Each of Fern’s blocks is a little work of art. Stunning!

You can see close-up images of a few of them here.

“I attempted and abandoned Lucy Boston’s quilt some 12 years ago. Inklingo makes it easy-peasy to make a complex, exquisite and magnificent quilt. I am having so much fun with mine now.”

There are excellent photos of the individual blocks in Fern’s album in the Inklingo Yahoo Group.


Fern wrote: “I have just completed my Inklingo POTC, in record time too (7 and half months), thanks to Inklingo.”

Fern has a very demanding career and also makes time to hand piece. Luckily, with Inklingo she can hand piece while traveling and on airplanes.


“I am thinking of calling this quilt ‘Lucy in the Sky’ and hoping that Lucy Boston, somewhere up there, is delighted she has inspired (through you and Inklingo) so many quilters!”


Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern


Fern used Lucy Boston’s original design and proportions, but changed the color of the hexagons around the outside.

It works beautifully. I love the way it finishes the quilt. Isn’t it brilliant?


I can hardly wait to see what Fern makes next!

I think she might be using Inklingo again, because she wrote:

Inklingo is amazing and every pattern I contemplate now is evaluated on the basis of whether it is inklingoable!

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I can’t wait to show you a few of the new baskets, so there will be a sneak peek on Facebook later today, just for fun.

See you tomorrow!

Linda & Monkey

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20 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern”

  1. Lucy in the Sky has now become my favorite quilt ever! I love scrappy quilts because they give my eyes so much to look at. Every little piece of fabric is a gem to behold. So is Lucy’s fabrics. The placement of the fabric within the blocks -fussy cutting, is hypnotizing! LOL.

    I always feel so special when I get to sleep under a homemade pieced quilt. I wish I had her to wrap around me in bed. Only problem is that I would be tempted to stay in bed all day checking out each piece of fabric! 🙂 Truly your masterpiece! Thank you for sharing and make more. You are making a better world by delighting many people! Thank you Inklingo for making it possible

      • Fern,

        Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Each one is so beautiful! I wish I could make even one block 1/2 as good as yours are. I have a hard time choosing the fabrics. Never seem to turn out the way I imagined. Is that how yours go too? What a Masterpiece, You have. Get it appraised, quick! By a reputable quilt appraiser. I would hate to see you loose it should you decide to send it to a show or something. It deserves very high honors! Perhaps in the world’s fair of quilts.

        Thank you

  2. Stunning blocks and design! Is there a site or link that would lead us to see the individual blocks other than the few that are shown in this posting? Difficult to see the blocks in the whole quilt top. I too am working on this quilt and loving the entire process. Thank you!

  3. Thank you all for your very kind and generous encouragement. POTC ( or Lucy in the Sky!) has been my very first inklingo quilt – made possible by Linda and Monkey. Thank you! I can’t wait to quilt this and start my next inklingo project!

  4. The quilt is marvelous!! congratulations Fern!! I am doing my POTC slowly but it is really very good sensation when we finished a quilt. I think Lucy Boston will love it if you called yours “Lucy in the sky” very creative. SILMARA in Brazil

  5. Fern’s quilt is gorgeous and a source of inspiration!

    Congratulations, Fern, on completing your beautiful quilt. I love your attention to detail.


  6. Fern’s POTC is stunning! I can’t wait to see how she quilts it.
    Those baskets look like altogether too much fun – I can’t wait for that sneak peek later today!

  7. OMGoodness! What a gorgeous quilt, Fern!!! A feast for the eyes. Thank you so much for allowing Linda to share it with us. 🙂 I haven’t tried this pattern yet, but hope to someday. SEW inspriring!

  8. Stunning!!! Yet another reason to love Inklingo!! Well done, Fern! And it is always exciting to know new collections are about to be released! Yippee!!!


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