Inklingo Leaf Sashing Quilt Layouts 4.5

These examples use the new Leaf Sashing 4.5.

Just Right

4.5-inch is the middle size of the 3 new sizes of Leaf Sashing

It is not too big, not too small—just right. (Introduction to Leaf Sashing)

This size is specially designed to work with any 4.5-inch blocks, like LeMoyne Star (free shape collection), Dresden Plate (quarter blocks), Winding Ways, and others.

With the Leaf Sashing 4.5 inch, Dresden Plate becomes a 6.0 inch Flower block.

I think this is my favorite.

Inklingo empowers me to create interesting designs because I know that when I print the shapes on fabric, I can finish faster—with better results! I can machine piece, hand piece, or appliqué the leaves.

Yes, I still have more layouts with Leaf Sashing to share with you.  You can subscribe to get an email to be sure you don’t miss anything good (right sidebar). While you’re waiting you might like to see the layouts with 3.18-inch Leaf Sashing too.

Linda & Monkey

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