Fabulous Flowers with Leaf Sashing 6 inch

The flowers today all use Leaf Sashing 6 inch to make 14 inch blocks (finished size).

This is fun, because there are so many options with Inklingo.

In fact, there are so many possible 6 inch blocks that I created 2 special pages on the website with links to the shape collections.

(“6 inch blocks” is a heading near the top of the Shop page.)


Yin Yang Flower Quilt, Winding Ways Flower Quilt, Star Flower Quilt

Yin Yang, Winding Ways, LeMoyne Star


NY Beauty Flower Quilt, Dresden Fan Flower quilt, Diamond Flower Quilt

New York Beauty 02, Dresden Plate Basic Pieced, Free Shape Collection

For smaller blocks (Dresden Plate, Carolina Lily), I can build a 6 inch block using 3.18 and 4.5 inch Leaf Sashing. Cool.


Flower and leaf quilt blocks

Dresden Plate Basic Pieced, LeMoyne Star (free shape collection), Day or Night (4.5 inch)


Flowers with Rose Dream Quilt Block

Turnstile, Evening Star Variation, Churn Dash

In this row, I could not resist using Rose Dream instead of the 9-patch “vase” in the other examples (with the 2 inch square in Leaf Sashing 6 inch).

Leaf Sashing Movie?

Yes, I still have more layouts with Leaf Sashing to share with you. There is a new movie on YouTube and on the Main Leaf Sashing Page.


Sunflower Quilt, Drunkard's Path Quilt Block, Star Quilt Block

Sunflower (6 inch), Drunkard’s Path, Evening Star


Other Links on the Blog and Website

and <drum roll>

We set it to the William Tell Overture because we find the options so exciting.


Print leaves on fabric with your Inkjet

You can do this! Yes, you can!

Of course, the beauty of all of this is that no matter what flowers you choose, you can actually start and finish the quilts. It is so much easier when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo!

The curves of the 6 inch size are easy to machine piece, but you can hand piece or appliqué with Inklingo, if you prefer.


Flower Quilt Blocks

Sunflower (12 inch), New York Beauty 01, New York Beauty 03



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“Email Jail” or Email Holiday?

I have been really bad about acknowledging comments on the blog lately unless there was a specific question. I am going to try to do better. Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville was the first person I heard talk about being in “email jail.” I’m in it.

This week Bonnie has a brand new book out called String Fling, and it is full of inspiring designs. I admire Bonnie and envy her energy. I can hardly wait to see her latest. (Please tell her I sent you!)


Flower Quilt Blocks

Dresden Plate Basic Pieced, Winding Ways (4.5 inch), Day or Night


Use the video to plant flowers everywhere!

As usual, we hope you will tell your friends about our flower blocks. If you have a blog or website, you can embed the YouTube video too. (Click on Share.)

We are celebrating Canada Day today and the weather is perfect if you like it sunny in the low 80s (28c) with a light breeze. The front porch is shady and oh, so inviting. Do I have to get out of email jail first? I might just sew. We’ll see . . .

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Flowers with Leaf Sashing 6 inch”

  1. OH, MY! what inspiration on the video…I liked seeing it when you used it as a “dashed” sashing in the yellow quilt…it went by so fast I am not even sure of which block it involved. LOL
    Of course the flowers and leaves are just lovely and again I loved that the shapes can work with so many other blocks!
    Bravo and enjoy your holiday in the shade on the porch.

  2. Thank you! I really felt excited while I was working on these.
    I know a lot of quilters love flowers, but the thought of applique gets in the way. This way, we have the best of both worlds, don’t you think?


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