Use Inklingo Kites to Make Rose Star


You asked for it.

We listened. (Of course!)


I had to look closely before I realized that Rose Star is just one shape, 72 times. Yes, 72 kites make this lovely flower block.

It is a very old design that you can use to perk up a new hexagon quilt. Start and finish quickly when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

Cut several layers at a time and have stitching lines and matching marks on every piece!

These two new sizes are especially fun if you have the 2 or 3 inch 60° Hexagons!


72 kites with Rose Star 12 inch make a 12 x 13.86 inch flower.


72 kites with Rose Star 18 inch make an 18 x 20.8 inch flower.


There are endless variations when you use the new kites with existing 60° Hexagons. I can hardly wait to see what you design!

There is more info on the website, and you can subscribe to get an email to be sure you don’t miss anything (right sidebar).


As usual, the new shapes are at a very special intro price—but for a few days only, okay?

On a sunny summer Monday, I say Roses and Kites are perfect. Monkey says Go Fly a Kite—in the nicest possible way.

Now you know what I was working on when I was listening to Petula Clark. LOL

Linda & Monkey

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16 thoughts on “Use Inklingo Kites to Make Rose Star”

  1. Hi Sandra,
    I am pleased that you are ready to order. Unfortunately, there is a US banking law which prevents me from accepting payments from debit cards in US dollars in Canada. I would love to be able to accept debit cards but it is illegal. If you don’t have a Visa or Mastercard credit card, you can choose the option to pay by check.
    There are 8 Design Books so far.
    There is not a separate design book for the Kite shape collection because the instructions are in the shape collection itself. I only do a separate design book in special cases when there is a lot of info and it is required for several shape collections.
    If you have any other questions, please ask. Thank you for your patience about the debit card.
    Linda & Monkey

  2. Linda: I was on your site tonight and wanted to buy the Kite collection (the 18″ blk one) I entered by info as ask including my cr cd info. It says it had been declined: I know there is enough mony in the acct because I just made a dep. today: I have had problems on some other occasions due to the fact My card is a MasterCard Debit card. Can you please check on this for my and let me know as I do want to but the Kits collection: Also I could not find a Design Book to go with it. Love your site: Sandy F

  3. EllyD,never mind about stitching as fast as Cathi,I’d like to sew as fast as Linda is making these new wonderful collections lol.Jeannette.

  4. I’m hooked on hexagons too, Cathi, so this is just the thing to provide even more possibilites for integrating with my UFO hexagon rosettes! 🙂 Thanks Linda and Monkey!

  5. These are just too much fun! Loads and loads of possibilities. All that wonderful continuous stitching too and the perfect intersections — this is going to be pure fun!

  6. OH GOLLY indeed!!! I just downloaded the Rose Star and I already have tons of ideas in mind. I just couldn’t resist anything with a hexagon – what a gorgeous pattern with soooo many variations. Linda you have got to slow down – or I have got to speed up – I can’t sew fast enough to keep up with you 🙂

  7. Oh golly! This is exactly what I needed right now, too. Something fun to play with. Well, it’s not like I don’t have a lot of other shapes to play with but this is just what the doctor ordered. As a matter of fact, I wish my inklingo doctor would wake up so I could call her and we could gab about this one!!!


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