Portable Sewing Desk

When my Mum was a girl, her grandmother taught her how to play solitaire and how to sew when she was sick in bed.

Those were the days before antibiotics, so a chest cold could keep you in bed for a few weeks.

We often played solitaire with Mum when we visited her in her retirement apartment. Sometimes I showed her my sewing.

When she was very weak, she would point to the cards she wanted to be moved, and Russ and I would move them.

One game of “solitaire.” Six hands.

When she moved to the nursing home, she no longer had a suitable table and she was always in a wheelchair.

How could we play cards?

I love my Smartlap Portable Desk, but it did not fit the arms of her wheelchair and it was too heavy for her to use.

This was my solution.

I used a piece of foamcore to make a tray to fit her wheelchair.

Just in case a visit involved an ice cream sundae with extra chocolate sauce (very likely), I covered it with plastic contact paper.

  • lightweight
  • easy to store
  • inexpensive
  • easy to clean or replace
  • reminds me of Mum

It is perfect for sewing Grandmother’s Flower Garden now.

I can print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo and carry a very small portable sewing kit, so I can sew anywhere at any time.

Mum and I both liked “things to put things in.”

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13 thoughts on “Portable Sewing Desk”

  1. How is it I read about a lap desk on your great site and end up with tears in my eyes thinking about my Mother and our Solitaire games. We lived in very remote areas at times, no tv, no phone, no electric, etc. We gave those cards heck. My Mother’s hint: when card tend to stick together you put them into a container with some cornmeal and give them a good shake. Presto they are slick as new deck. Mum’s r best

  2. What a clever girl~ I think your thought processes are like one of my good friend’s. She always says that her brain is always going with ideas and what if’s. LOL
    Thanks for sharing the not so solitaire moments with your Mother.

  3. Hi Eileen, Hexagons are amazing aren’t they? I think there are many reasons that they are so popular, but it could probably be summarized in just 3 adjectives: portable, versatile, relaxing. Inklingo eliminates the slow, tedious prep, so quilters actually finish their quilts, which is even better! The more great designs quilters see, the more inspired they are to try it themselves. I’m glad you like the desk too.

  4. Linda, I love the portable sewing desk! I’ve been looking for something to use on the couch that would give me some support.
    I have a question for you. What is going on with the resurgence of interest in hexagons? For the longest time, I didn’t see them anywhere, now I see them everywhere!

  5. I love the idea. We use a cheap flat board I purchased at Walmart a couple of years ago. Isn’t it nice how the simple things bring such nice joy and memory?

  6. Loved the table idea! My mother plays solitaire until her arms hurt! She sits on her couch with the top of an old, very worn out TV tray!
    Your memories are things to treasure. Hugs,

  7. love your story…Your mum must be happy..I miss my mum too …sewing is one of my therapy..thank you Linda for sharing your sweet stories


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