Inklingo Leaf Sashing

Add Leaf Sashing and Make Flowers

New Today!

There is now Leaf Sashing to make the diamonds, triangles, and squares in the free Inklingo Shape Collection into flowers.

Leaf Sashing with free shapes

I was inspired by a traditional version of Carolina Lily and Peony quilts.

Flower quilt blocks appeal to me so much that I created 3 sizes.

  • for 6-inch blocks
  • for 4.5-inch blocks
  • for the “lily” in the free shape collection (above)

Inklingo gives us great new options for leaves.  If we piece them, we can get perfect positioning and perfect points—things that can be difficult with appliqué.

I think you will be amazed by the designs with these simple shapes!


Leaf Sashing instead of applique

Leaves—Appliqué or Piece?

Leaves are usually designed for appliqué. That can discourage some quilters from trying beautiful designs.

The slower it is, the more likely it is to be unfinished forever.

With Inklingo, you can finish because you get great results quickly.

templates for leaf sashing

Inklingo makes piecing leaves easy. I designed the sashing with gentle curves to avoid inset seams.

Leaf Sashing for perfect points

The points are guaranteed to be sharper than anyone can get with appliqué!

The gentle curves are easy to sew by hand or by machine with the stitching lines and matching marks printed on the fabric with Inklingo.

My favorite tips for piecing curves are included in each shape collection, but there is an option for appliqué too (templates or back-basting)..

Squares + Leaf Sashing

The free shape collection “lily” looks great with Leaf Sashing.

New Leaf Sashing (3.18) with shapes in the free Diamond/Triangle/Square.

Winding Wasy with Leaf Sashing

Use any 4.5 or 6-inch blocks! This is Winding Ways (4.5 or 6 inches) with the On-Point Shape Collection (4.5 or 6 inches).

Leaf Sashing with New York Beauty

This one uses 6-inch blocks: Rose Dream and New York Beauty and the On-Point Shape Collection (6 inches). Some sashing is plain, some with the leaf.

Coming next? 50 New Quilt Designs

Today I am just giving you a little teaser, but there is some good stuff coming!

There have been too many family and friend distractions here lately, so I decided to do Leaf Sashing next because it would be quick to finish. WRONG! LOL

It got more and more involved and I could not stop with one or two sizes. Plus, I had so much fun designing quilts with Leaf Sashing that it was hard to stop.

I have so much more to show you! You can subscribe to get an email to be sure you don’t miss anything (right sidebar).

If you like hand piecing, this might be the perfect take-along project this summer.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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14 thoughts on “Inklingo Leaf Sashing”

  1. OMG!! Just arrived back home after almost two weeks away!!! Just in time to see the fabulous new leaf designs. Just home in time to get the special!! Woot, woot!!!
    Thanks again Linda

  2. I just downloaded and have taken a look. WOW! Thank you!

    You have thought of everything, as usual. I am always impressed with your collections and all the practical information you provide in each one. And then the way these sashing collections:
    – work with standard size blocks,
    – are designed to piece without inset seams,
    – or do appliqué,
    – both by hand or machine!
    Whatever suits us best. You just can’t get it anywhere else than at Inklingo!

  3. Absolutely beautiful…it’s amazing what you can do with Inklingo! Now this one might have to make it to the top of my to-do-list.

  4. Oh Linda, I keep finding new depths with Inklingo possibilities. I am still working on Tilde’s bag to get up to speed and feel like a kid in a candy shop trying to choose the first real project. Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Leave it to you to come up with such a breath-taking idea! I’ve had a Carolina Lily on my to do list. This is just perfect, perfect.

    Sorry to hear there has been complications on the family front. I hope things settle soon.

    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  6. Oh, my goodness!! These make so many ideas come to mind that I just don’t even know where to begin! Oh, wait a minute — yes, I do. I’ll begin by printing! I can’t wait to get my first block done. This is going to be such fun!

  7. Wow! who’d have thunk such a simple shape can make such a beautiful addition?
    Hope things settle down soon for your family. Thanks for creating even under difficult situations.

  8. Linda – these designs are so inspiring! I need to learn to sew faster or find more hours in my day because I want to try so many of them.

  9. Linda you must be psychic.I was thinking about putting leaves in the border of the quilt I’m working on at the moment and this is perfect.Thankyou thankyou.Jeannette.

  10. I love how this looks! I am really trying hard to stick with one hand piecing project, 1 applique, and the quilt on frame (Joseph’s Coat) but you are making it really hard with all these ideas you keep tossing to us 🙂 I have to keep telling myself to be strong and keep finishing what I started before starting anything new.


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