Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes

So far, you have seen a few settings for Castle Wall Quilts. (More to come.)

Doc Martin - Doyden Castle

This is quite a setting for a castle, isn’t it?

I was listening to Doc Martin DVDs on the long days working on the three new Castle Wall shape collections.

The climax of the kidnap plot in the last episode of series 5 occurs at “The Castle.”  In real life it is Doyden Castle. It is owned by the National Trust and rented out as a holiday cottage.

It was while I was listening to Doc Martin that I got the idea for the bonus shapes for Castle Wall.

Inklingo makes it so fast and simple to prepare the shapes and sew the blocks that we can spend more time perfecting the designs!


Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes


All three Castle Wall shape collections have a bonus square and a bonus octagon with a heart to appliqué, but there is one more extra-special touch.

Each shape collection has another bonus shape and it is different in each one!


Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes


Castle Wall 9 inch has a triangle that is 1/8 of the octagon.  You can use the Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting method to get a Kaleidoscope effect in the center.


Inklingo Castle Wall - Cathy in TN

Cathy in TN made a spectacular Castle Wall with kaleidoscope, don’t you think?(Thank you, Cathy, for letting me feature it here!)

I considered the same triangle for the 6 and 4.5 inch shape collections, but I did not think they were big enough shapes for a kaleidoscope that would really pop. Hmmm.

What to do?  I still wanted a bonus shape for the other two Castle Walls.


Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes


Monkey put on his thinking cap. Hourglass!


Inklingo Quarter Square Triangles

Castle Wall 6 inch has a quarter square triangle (QST) which can be used to make Hourglass blocks to replace the squares.


Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes

They are small triangles!  Luckily, they can be sewn by machine before they are cut.

Inklingo on Quilting Hub

There is a new article on QuiltingHub today with a quick and easy method of sewing Inklingo Hourglass blocks! Good timing, eh?

Sew the stretchy bias seams before they are cut. No measuring. No paper to pick off. No “trimming up” afterwards.

The design options are endless when the sewing is this easy.

Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes


Quarter Square Triangles did not seem like such a good idea to replace a 0.77 inch square in Castle Wall 4.5 inch! That is itty bitty. We don’t want to drive Mrs. Tishell to a nervous breakdown.

So . . . instead of dividing the square into 4 shapes, I cut it into 2 rectangles (above).

It is amazing that such a simple shape can make such a big difference!

You can see how Cathi in Toronto designed a fabulous “Cats in the Castle” block with the bonus rectangle on Quilt Obsession. I love it! (Thank you for being such an inspiration, Cathi!)


Doc Martin - Doyden Castle

The only thing better than these bonus shapes might be sewing Castle Wall blocks in a castle like this one. I wonder if there is Internet access.

Ah, I can dream!


Doc Martin - Doyden Castle

Mrs Tishell: Don’t worry, Doc! I already have my Inklingo shapes printed and ready to sew!

Join the journey down this road to the Castle with us!

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Castle Wall creates endless possibilities. I hope you will check out the new article about Hourglass blocks on QuiltingHub and subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar) so you don’t miss anything.

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

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4 thoughts on “Inklingo Castle Wall Bonus Shapes”

  1. Hi Linda,
    Came across your Pinterest because I am a fan of Doc Martin. Also your name struck me, my mother was a Frantz from Pennsylvania. Her Frantz ancestors were from Frantz.
    Ruthie Harrell

    • Hi Ruthie, Thank you for writing. My Franz ancestors came from Austria and farther east. The European side of the family going back three generations were all small (only one or two children) and I am not aware of any connections in the USA. From what I understand, Franz is/was a common last name in Germany and Austria. Some pronounce the T but no one in my family tree spelled it that way. Our strongest connection is probably through Doc Martin. 🙂

  2. These Inklingo Castle Wall shapes are so gorgeous. And so tempting. And I have not even started my Inklingo basket quilt. My list of Inklingo “to do” quilts grows longer and longer. Wonderful! Thank you Linda and Monkey – you are so inspiring.

  3. Great results from the tiniest of details! It is amazing how these blocks are transformed by the extra bonus shapes!

    If I find a castle with internet access… wait a minute. My home is my castle, right? Well, I can dream…

    Thanks for the great post, Linda! And Monkey, I really want to see what your thinking cap looks like!


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