Clamshell Pickle is Ready!

In June, Barbara Brackman (a heroine for quilters) had photos of a fascinating Clamshell variation on her blog, which she called “Unknown Pattern.” Some quilt blocks have several names, but this one is so rare that no names have been documented.

Before Inklingo, it was a challenging design to cut and sew.

Monkey and I think of it as Clamshell Pickle. Whatever you call it, Inklingo is so perfect for it that I don’t think you will be able to resist at least one of the three new collections—small, medium, or large.

No templates, no measuring.

Just print the shapes on the fabric. The lines won’t show in the finished quilt and everything will fit together perfectly.

Thanks to Inklingo, the triangles and the curves can be sewn by hand or by machine.

If you are looking for a portable project, the triangles are easy to stitch, moving continuously from one seam to the next without breaking the thread. If you prefer to sew by machine, the arcs can be chain pieced.

By hand or by machine, this pattern creates a stunning impression.

The big centers cry out for fussy cutting, don’t you think?

Despite the odd angles and curved edges, the shapes are easy to cut. Just follow the line with a rotary cutter or scissors.

All three shape collections include complete directions for sewing by hand or by machine. Pressing instructions are also included, so your points will look wonderful.

The design possibilities are endless.

The rest of the info is on the web site,
•  6 inch
•  9 inch
•  11 inch
•  main Clamshell page

I think you will have a great time sewing these shapes, no matter which size you choose.  —I did!

Linda & Monkey

PS  New to Inklingo? Start here with free triangles, diamonds, and squares.

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13 thoughts on “Clamshell Pickle is Ready!”

  1. Hi Michelle,
    If you would like to order today, I will give you the special sale price (save $5). I do not want to disappoint you!
    There was a problem with the blog email delivery in August and when we could not solve it, we moved to a new server on the Labor Day weekend. Yesterday, the original server (where the site was for 9 years) finally coughed up a huge dump of missing emails. I’m glad you wrote.

  2. I am a bit disappointed with the end date of September 7TH for this offer. I just received this email today October 1. Perhaps I missed the August email? Wish if you were going to send out the same email a heading indicating it is a resend/duplicate would have calmed my excitement? sigh…

    I have been following Barbara, awesome pattern!!! Will be ordering soon! Love the Clams!

    M 😀

  3. Love love this new Clamshell Pickle design. I am trying to decide between the 6″ and the 9″. Maybe I need to find fabric to fussy cut and that will make my decision.
    Thanks for doing all the math for us Linda.

  4. These are incredible! I can only imagine what show-stopping quilts will be made with this collection, Linda! I want to do one! One of these days I’m gonna have, no MAKE, time!

  5. You are absolutely amazing! I love how you have grown your simple concept of printing simple shapes directly onto fabric into the huge variety of styles & shapes not to mention the wonderful books, CDs & web support. Love to see how you’ve grown your business. Good work & continued success. Love to Russ & Monkey.

  6. Clamshell Pickle sounds like a recipe I’d like to try (hee hee!), but I think Inklingo-ing it will be easier than cooking it. Really, a stunning design that I would never attempt without Inklingo! The math alone would be too much for my brain!

    The mind boggles… ! What will you think of next?

  7. Oh Wow, this is why I love Inklingo so much. The most wonderful, exclusive and complicated looking patterns come within reach of any quilter. I still consider myself a beginner, but I just know I can hand piece this succesfully, thanks to the accurate lines and matching marks. (And if you like machine piecing, you could do it as well, of course). And I have found everything I could possibly want or need to know in the collection itself. I am in awe. Thank you so much!!
    Anneke in Rotterdam

  8. These are absolutely brilliant — and open up so many design possibilities!! The combo pages make it oh, so easy and fast! Freezer paper ready and printer turned on! 🙂


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