Sewing Hexagons on the Front Porch

It was a beautiful summer day in Burlington yesterday. I had just finished the Inklingo Hexagon Quilt Design Book and I needed to unwind. I decided to stitch a few hexagons on the front porch.

There was a lovely breeze and entertainment. As you can see, friendship took precedence over sewing this time.

Click to play.

Good things happen when you sew on the go.

(2012 Update: This video was replaced with different music when The Orchard Music falsely claimed the copyright, despite the fact that I had a paid license to use the music.)

There have been many wonderful private comments about the new Design Book. That makes me feel great. Now we need some public ones!

  Please tell everyone you know.

If you would like to help spread the word about Inklingo, this is a good link

  • Please tell all your friends.
  • Write to every Internet group you belong to, and tell them there is a Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value) free from
  • Tell quilters at your next bee or guild meeting.
  • Tell everyone at the local quilt shop, because they can sell Inklingo downloads now too.
  • Put this video on your web site or blog.
  • Give 1 – 5 stars to Sewing a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt on YouTube.
  • Give 1 – 5 stars to Friends & the Blue Chair on YouTube.
  • Subscribe to the All About Inklingo blog, and tell your friends to too!

Tell them Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted. Use your own words. Short is best. Some of my recent favs are: “Inklingo ROCKS!” “I’d give up my rotary cutter before I’d give up Inklingo.” “I wouldn’t be sewing at all, if not for Inklingo.” “Inklingo makes machine sewing so much more fun.”

You don’t have to actually grab anyone’s ear, but if you do, do it gently,
like this little guy.

We hope you will help spread the word, so more quilters will know about Inklingo.

I think we’ve found the best way to sew hexagons, don’t you?

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey & Monkey’s Friend

PS  You can put How to Sew a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt and Friends & the Blue Chair on your own blog or web site just by copying the “embed code” from YouTube.

PPS  If you are looking for something else, like Jane Austen, Lucy Boston, or machine piecing, please use the Search box (up at the top). There is a lot of good stuff in the archives of this blog.

10 thoughts on “Sewing Hexagons on the Front Porch”

  1. How sweet, I just love chipmunks and wish we had them here in Central Texas. Looks like Monkey has made a lifelong friend.

  2. Linda and Monkey,
    This video is so cute!! It made my day!! And Monkey is so generous for sharing his lunch!!
    Keep up the great work. I use Inklingo all the time. It is mostly what I do now adays!!Everytime I go to a quilt store(in WA state) I ask them about Inklingo and end up telling them about your website.

    Peggy S

  3. The photo of the chipmunk bending Monkey’s ear is adorable!! I keep spreading the word as much as I can!! You know that without Inklingo I’d probably have had to give up quilting — so I go on and on about it!!

  4. That is the most adorable video. Monkey was very kind to serve lunch to his friend on the porch. I can’t say enough about Inklingo. Stitching to me will never be the same. Inklingo has changed the way I approach every quilt I make now. Projects that I felt were too advanced for my skill level are doable……or should I say “Inklingoable” thanks to Inklingo.


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