Winners of The Quilt Pattern Magazine

This is not an April Fool’s Joke.

The random drawing for 6 month subscriptions to TQPM is NOT going to happen.


Why not?

ALL of the quilters who left a comment have won, thanks to the generosity of TQPM!

Isn’t that fabulous?

There are also 6 quilters who submitted designs for the ClubEQ March Challenge. They are double winners because they have received 6 month subscriptions to TQPM AND will receive the project files for all of the other designs.

It will be interesting to see the discussion when all ya’ll start reading the TQPM articles and becoming inspired.

An article I wrote for TQPM about Inklingo will be in the magazine soon!


Are you disappointed that you did not leave a comment? If you hurry, you might still win.  I have a few more 6 month subscriptions to give away.

If you are not already a subscriber to TQPM and you leave a comment below, you might get lucky.

I did not reply to each comment as they came in but they are beautiful and I read several of them out loud to Russ.

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted designs for the ClubEQ March Challenge and everyone who has already left a comment here. I enjoyed reading every single one.

I will email you the details about how to get your subscription asap.

Thank you to everyone at TQPM for making this possible!

Let’s support magazines which include Inklingo patterns and articles!

I have more good news to announce in the next few days, so please subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar) so you don’t miss it.

Happy April to everyone. We’re off to a good start, and that’s no joke!

Linda & Monkey

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88 thoughts on “Winners of The Quilt Pattern Magazine”

  1. I certainly am not posting in hopes of a prize, but wanted to express hopes that EQ and others will offer more challenges to promote Inklingo inspiration……what a great idea! I am new to Inklingo, but am LOVING it! Thank you and, of course, Monkey….for this fantastic method! I used to design with EQ7 all the time, and love intricate piecing…..this will certainly inspire me to get back to it…..the possibilities using Inklingo are phenomenal!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are all going to be having a wee bit more fun now with all those magazine subscriptions lol. I am still pluggin away on the mystery quilt. Hope to check in again soon 🙂

  3. Am just learning about inklingo. Looking forward to learning much more. I will love getting this wonderful magazine!

  4. Thank you , I just love your Inklingo site, I have learned so much. I hope I get the opportunity for the 6 mo. subscription.

    Thank you again.


  5. I am not familiar with this magazine but read anything and everything quilt related. would love a 6 mth subscription Linda.

  6. I would love to have a chance to receive this magazine. Also, would love to see more Inklingo featured in the quilting magazines!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. While reading Linda’s blog, and then going to the TQPM website and reading though some of the info on there, I was so disappointed that I had missed out on this. I hope I am not too late.. I would love to have a look at this magazine.. I am sure that I would order it if it has tips and patterns that look interesting to me… From looking at the website, it looks like it would be a good magazine to subscribe to.

  8. Hi Linda. I don’t expect a subscription, but just wanted to say how lovely it is to read your emails. What a pleasant surprise for all those people who did leave a comment. I thoroughly enjoy receiving your news. Thanks to both you and Monkey for all your help.
    All the best

  9. Oops, I goofed and didn’t see the article either, but haven’t had a computer in a couple of weeks – poor thing is being rebuilt. This is a wonderful chance to win. Thanks Linda!!!!

  10. I’m brand new to Inklingo…and would love to receive TPQM.! The info
    Here is absolutely wonderful and overwhelming! Thanks so much for the effort and ideas youVe put into Inklingo Linda

  11. What a great suprise for those that posted. I have not seen this magazine in my area. Great to know it promotes inklingo


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