Wednesday Tute 12 – Double Wedding Ring Quilt Design

Welcome back! This is our twelfth Wednesday Tute with tips for designing and sewing with Inklingo.

This tute includes some of my best tips for designing an entry for the NYC Mod Quilters Double Wedding Ring Challenge.

October 2022 – Several Inklingo quilters entered quilts in the contest in 2013. The links to the info about the contest are out of date, so I am deleting links and other info.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt


Need an idea?

  1. Decide on a size.
    The minimum for the challenge is only one ring and the large category only requires 4 rings.
    Four is enough for a nice piece on the wall of the guest bedroom.
    If you print the cutting and stitching lines on the fabric with Inklingo, you can finish in less time than with any other method. Maybe go bigger?
  2. Decide on traditional or modern.
    I have a small piece of very pretty rose fabric in my stash that would be perfect for 4 fussy cut centers, so that’s my limit. It is similar to Robert Kaufman “Damask Rose” and I think it will look perfect in the guest bedroom.
    I guess that means traditional this time.
    If you are looking for inspiration for modern, have a look at Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Double Edged Love Quilt. It won Best in Show at QuiltCon and is featured in Quilter’s Newsletter August/September 2013/No. 435.
  3. Decide on the arcs.
    Pieced? Plain? There are many choices in the Inklingo DWR shape collection.
    Hmmm. Let’s mix it up. I’ll use two kinds and call it traditional with a twist.
  4. Decide on a regular or on-point setting.
    I chose the regular setting this time.
    There are several on-point variations in the video of 50 DWR Designs on YouTube.
  5. Decide on the edge finish.
    I want a simple, straight, narrow binding this time.
    There are a dozen other bindings/edge options in Tute 10 and Tute 11.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt


This one is big enough for the challenge.

Now that I have a design, everything else I need is in the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book.

Print, cut, sew.

The design book even includes a detailed pressing guide.

Want to know how big this will be without doing any math? Design Book to the rescue!

The worksheet in the design book shows me that the quilt will be approximately 25 inches square, which is perfect for the space I have in mind.


Next, I need to count the shapes, so I can look up the amount of fabric I need. (Fabric requirements are included in every Inklingo shape collection.)

Again, the DWR Design Book is a big help.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I grayed out the border in this image to make it clear that the center of the quilt is 2 x 2.

Counting can lead to mistakes, so I copy from the chart in the design book to record the shapes I need:

  • 4 centers (fussy cut flowers)
  • 12 melons (polka dot)
  • 36 corners (18 white, 18 brown)

In this case, the chart tells me there are 24 arcs, so I need to record:

  • 24 arc pieces (the one-piece arc option) (pink stripe)
  • 48 arc ends (taupe)

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Arcs

I could substitute any of the other Inklingo arcs, including Pickle Dish.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This image isolates the borders so I can see what I need.

I could just count all the way around the quilt, but since this quilt is square, I just count one side and multiply by 4.

If it were rectangular, I would count across the top and multiply by 2 and count one side and multiply by 2. The simpler the counting and the simpler the math, the less chance of a mistake.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This is one-quarter of the border.

  • 1 Center (Quarter) x 4 = 4 (white)
  • 2 Center (Half) x 4 = 8 (white)
  • 6 Arc End x 4 = 24 (taupe)
  • 12 Arc Pieces x 4 = 48 (24 taupe, 24 polka dot)
  • 3 Melon (Half) x 4 = 12 (pink)

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring quilt shapes to print on fabric.

By the way, there is no “half melon” in the shape collection. I can avoid waste by using the layout for whole melons with a Custom Page Size which will only print half plus the seam allowance.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring shapes to print on fabric

In this case 2 sheets 3 x 10.5 with the Landscape setting in the print dialog box yield 12 half melons for the border without waste, and with perfect straight grain.

The matching marks printed along the curves make it easy to get perfect results whether you are sewing by machine or by hand. (Timeless Treasures pink batik.)

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilt Cheat Sheet


Next, I collect all of my notes on the DWR Data Sheet or Monkey’s Cheat Sheet.

TIP  Use a pencil, not a pen.

I prefer to group everything by fabric, in this case:

  • flowers (fussy cut 4 centers)
  • white (18 corners + 4 quarter centers for corners + 8 half centers for border)
  • brown (18 corners)
  • taupe (48 arc ends + 24 arc ends in border + 24 arc pieces in border)
  • polka dot (12 melons + 24 arc pieces in border)
  • pink stripe (24 arc pieces)
  • pink (12 half melons in border)

Monkey's Cheat Sheet

You can see examples of Monkey’s Cheat Sheet in several places:

  • under the Support Tab at
  • Case of the Secret Garden Mystery – Clue # 2
  • Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt Reverse Mystery – Part 2

and others.

Isn’t it nice to know that no matter how complex or modern the design is, it is easier and faster to sew when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo?

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge

Monkey and I are hoping our little tutes will inspire you to enter a quilt in the NYC Mod Quilters Double Wedding Ring Challenge. There are some big prizes for those who make a DWR with Inklingo!

There are other articles on the blog already which will help you with the challenge. Several are listed in Wednesday Tute 09.

If you start with the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book ($10), it is refunded when you buy the shapes to print on fabric.


You can catch up on EIGHT Wednesday Tutes for Pieced Hexagons too.

We are planning a few more Wednesday Tutes, so please enter your email address (top of the right sidebar), so you don’t miss anything.

Thanks for visiting. See you again soon!

Linda & Monkey

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