Antique Diamond Star Quilt – 02

Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

If you’ve been following Inklingo on Facebook, you know I’ve been sewing stars on the front porch.


Print identical sheets with Inklingo.

I printed 6 identical sheets to get enough diamonds for 12 fussy cut stars.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Diamonds

It was so fast and easy that I printed 6 sets of 6 identical sheets to get enough for 72 fussy cut stars.

I rotary cut several layers at a time and voilà!

432 diamonds in 72 sets of 6. Zip, zip, zip. It doesn’t take long to print 36 sheets of fabric, especially compared to fussy cutting any other way!

The prep is so FAST! How could I resist?


Inklingo sewing kit.

There were so many stars, I needed an extra-special kit.


Inklingo Portable Sewing Kit

Monkey is guarding our treasure!


Inklingo Fussy Cut Star

It’s like eating peanuts.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Star

Each one is a surprise, a little gem.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Star

I slow down to “circle the intersection” to get a perfect match in the center of each one.

Even so, each star only takes about 10-12 minutes to hand piece.

I can sew 5 in an hour if I don`t stop to feed the chipmunks on the front porch.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Star

There is a two-part video on YouTube showing how I sew Kaleidoscope stars.


Antique Star Quilt

I am going to use these stars in a new version of the antique star quilt on Natalia Bonner’s Piece N Quilt blog.

When I analyzed the original quilt last week, I could see that 1.5 inch Diamonds from Inklingo would make a bed quilt about 79 x 96.

It is easier to make this design with Inklingo than with any other method.

Print, cut, sew.

The more I played with this old design and the more I thought about fussy cutting, the more intriguing it became!


Inklingo Window Template

The fabric I wanted to fussy cut looked better in the 2 inch size than the 1.5 inch size, so my variation of the antique quilt uses larger diamonds.

This fabric from The Kensington Collection by RJR should come with a warning label. I’m addicted.

TIP  If you are fussy cutting 2 inch diamonds and you can find a fabric with a 12 inch repeat, the Inklingo layouts are VERY efficient. There is almost no waste.


Inklingo Antique Star Quilt Variation


  • fussy cut stars (represented in green above)
  • emphasis on a secondary design of diagonal lines by careful placement of the gold, brown, and red diamonds
  • a unique edge finish
  • Queen size

Inklingo Antique Star Quilt

I decided to replace the hexagon made up of three diamonds in the antique quilt with one hexagon because I want the emphasis to be on the fussy cut stars and the diagonal lines of color. The design works either way.

I like the idea of letting the stars go right to the edge in that zigzag border.

With 2 inch 60“ Diamonds, this version is about 84 x 86, just right for a Queen mattress.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Diamonds

All you need is a front porch, a needle & thread and Inklingo 60° Diamonds 2 inch and Inklingo 60° Hexagons 2 inch.


With Inklingo, you can sew by hand or by machine or a bit of both.

I love it when I can turn a corner at the end of a seam and keep sewing without breaking the thread, so I broke this design down into easy, portable units with lots of “continuous stitching.”

There is a cool way to organize and sew the “non-star” units, so stay tuned! If I can tear myself away from sewing the rest of the stars, I will write up my notes.

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Inklingo Fussy Cut Star


I have shown a few more stars on the Inklingo Facebook page. More to come!

Thanks for Natalia for letting me use her photo.  Be sure to see them all on the Piece N Quilt blog. I’m sure she would appreciate comments on her blog too.

See you again soon!

Linda & Monkey

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12 thoughts on “Antique Diamond Star Quilt – 02”

  1. Hi Great stars this will be another project for holidays when I dont have a sewing machine and a change from Hexigans.

  2. What can I say…the best way to spend a summer day…hand stitching on the porch. I only have a stoop here and lots of yard but maybe tomorrow I will do a bit of stitching in the evening on my lawn swing. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration

  3. this is fun, i made 2 stars already, have to finish the hexie one first, at least its almost done, five more rows and the border

  4. I am sorry I did not ‘like’ your blog immediately on QuiltingHub. I overlooked that part. I did give you five stars, and now I returned to like you and become a fan. Thanks for liking me back 🙂

  5. Dear Linda,
    I love your quilt and would love to incorporate the Fussy Cut Stars in the Hexagon quilt. How would I do this?
    Hugs Sweetie,


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