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Are you looking for inspiration?

Inklingo Projects Blog

Have you visited the Inklingo Projects blog lately?


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

There are dozens of new photos and Inklingo quilters are the STARS!


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

The Inklingo Projects blog was the brainchild of Tilde in Copenhagen.

Unfortunately, due to full time work with more than full time hours, she was not able to update it for about a year.


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

It’s back! Cathi in Toronto has picked up the baton from Tilde.


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

Cathi also blogs almost every day on QuiltObsession.

It is a GREAT blog and all of her projects are Inklingo-able. She shows the whole process step by step.

Cathi’s first love is hand piecing, but she machine pieces with Inklingo sometimes too.


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

Have you started an Inklingo project?

Please email photos and your story to Cathi for the Inklingo Projects blog.


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

They don’t have to be quilted and bound.

Many bloggers take a “process pledge.” It is a great way to stay excited and focused on finishing.


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

Your story is just as important as the photo. You can see the kind of things that other quilters have written when you visit the Inklingo Projects blog.

What would you like to know, if you were the one reading about your quilt?


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

If you’ve been following Inklingo on Facebook, you know I’ve been sewing stars.

Yesterday I had a huge backlog of email. I knew I would need a few breaks from the keyboard, so I printed 6 identical sheets of fabric to get enough diamonds for 12 fussy cut stars.

It only takes 10 to 12 minutes to sew one of these stars, so when I was burned out from writing email replies, or when I just needed to stop and think, I sewed a star.

What a great little break! Each star gave me just the lift I needed. I was re-energized.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

Monkey watched. He says I took 11 little breaks through the day. One more left.


Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star

You can see how I print and sew them and how I intend to set some stars in a previous article about an Antique Diamond Star Quilt.

Stars like these are sometimes called “fussy cut” or Stack n Whack” or “kaleidoscope” or “one-block wonder.”


I have shown more stars on the Inklingo Facebook page and there are more to come!

I have diamonds printed and ready to sew so I may just be able to clean up the rest of my Inbox today.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars


If you like to see Inklingo projects online, I hope you will take a minute to send something to Cathi!

  • Visit the Inklingo Projects blog.
  • Take photos of your Inklingo project. Whatever YOU think is interesting—not necessarily finished, front, back, detail.
  • Write a short story about it. Include your website or blog address, if you have one.
  • Email the photo and your story to Cathi.

Inklingo Projects Blog

I can hardly wait to see what you are working on!

Thank you, Cathi! You keep us all inspired and energized.

Linda & Monkey

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8 thoughts on “Inklingo Projects Blog – Are you there?”

  1. Wow, more fab stars.I know how addictive these can be.I am going to finish making my 6″ hexes before I start making any stars.I am,I am,Iam.

  2. Thanks for the break tip. After spending too much time in front of the computer and end up with a headache, next time I will try some sewing breaks. IT’s nearly time to start a new Inklingo project as I’m nearly finished my Secret Garden quilt.

  3. Your stars are fabulous! They’re very, very, very tempting and here I am trying to not start a new project. LOLOL Not going to happen! Of course I’ll be starting a new one making kaleidoscope stars as soon as I find a suitable fabric! 🙂


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