Inklingo on Pinterest – Are you there?


Yesterday we wrote the Inklingo Projects blog. This time, it’s all about Pinterest and an Inklingo friend who is using it well!

Do you use Pinterest?

If you haven’t started yet, you are in for a treat.

You can thank me later.

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love, like Inklingo quilts and ideas.

It’s free. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s full of inspiration.

First visit? Monkey says you should take a lunch (e.g. chocolate). You’ll be there for a while.


Inklingo on Pinterest by Carol in Panama

Carol in Panama has an amazing collection of Inklingo quilts on a “board” on Pinterest.

Carol has made several fabulous quilts with Inklingo herself, but she has “pinned” images from other places too.

You can pin an image from a website or a blog onto a board on Pinterest with just one click. The image automatically links back to the source, so it can boost traffic to the original blog or website.

Just in case the link is broken, it is a good idea to include a description, the way Carol has, so everyone knows who made the quilt with Inklingo.

If you join Pinterest (free), you can “follow” Carol on Pinterest with just one click AND you can create your own boards. Quilts, Home Decor, Gardens, Recipes. . .


"Watermark" your photos

Before I joined Pinterest, I did not “watermark” or label any of the images on the website or blog.

When I joined Pinterest in February 2012, I realized it would be a good idea, just in case links became broken.

I do not use the copyright symbol © on my images because I LIKE IT when you pin or share my photos and drawings to let other quilters know about Inklingo. Affiliates use the images a lot.


Inklingo on Pinterest

I created several Inklingo boards on Pinterest and I add new pictures periodically.

Do you have any suggestions for new boards?

Naming the boards properly is important. I want it to be something a quilter could find easily when she uses the search box on Pinterest or Google.


Clocks on Pinterest


What if you decide not to use Pinterest because it gobbles up time that you would otherwise spend sewing? (I searched for clocks on Pinterest, above. Still only 24 hours in a day.)

We’ll be surprised if you don’t like Pinterest!

Everyone seems to love it.

Many quilters have learned about Inklingo thanks to Carol—even before she created her Inklingo Pinterest page.

Monkey says she is everywhere! Ubiquitous! Persistent! That makes her a great ambassador.

She is irresistible because she is relentless. LOL


Carol has been an enthusiastic Inklingoist from the beginning. She has made several fabulous quilts.


Inklingo Projects Blog

1. Carol still sends photos and info about her quilts for the Inklingo Projects blog (post-Pinterest) and always has.


Postcards from Panama

2. Carol blogs about Inklingo at Postcards from Panama.

It is a fabulous blog. I subscribe so I get an email whenever she posts something new.

Carol’s photos are eye candy. You should see her Alabama Beauty, her Drunkard’s Path, her Patchwork of the Crosses!

She has “taken the process pledge” so she shows her work-in-progress.

Carol’s blog is especially interesting to me because she has such amazing color sense. She shows how to use difficult fabrics in very creative ways.

See all the Inklingo buttons on Carol’s blog? I love it! There are buttons you can add to your blog too.


Carol's Hexagon Quilt won a ribbon in Jacksonville in 2011.

3. Carol enters Inklingo quilts in quilt shows. This one won a ribbon at the Jacksonville Show in Florida in 2011.

Carol’s work is meticulous and her use of color is outstanding, so it’s no wonder quilters who see her quilts in person are interested in how she gets such beautiful results.

Inklingo is mentioned on every one of Carol’s labels. What a nice thing to do!

She told me that when she is at the Jacksonville show this year, she will be carrying at least one piece of fabric printed with Inklingo, still attached to the freezer paper, so she can explain Inklingo in just a few words. (Like in our “elevator speech”)

4. Carol often leaves comments about Inklingo on other quilters’ blogs.

5. Carol often leaves comments about Inklingo on other quilers’ Pinterest boards.

Otherwise, quilters sometimes assume that an Inklingo quilt was made with EPP.


Inklingo on Quilting Hub

6. Carol took the time to register on QuiltingHub, so she could  “like and “fan” and “rate” three times with FIVE stars! That’s 15 stars!


Inklingo on Facebook

7. Carol is one of the quilters who has “liked” the Inklingo Facebook page.

Thank you to all 1468 of you!

We still don’t really understand Facebook but we are trying to learn.

Pinterest is easier.


Write a review!

8. Carol has written thoughtful reviews on the website for Pie & Tarts, Rainbow Flower, Orange Peel Deluxe and several others.

It is very special when you take the time to write a review. It doesn’t have to be long. One of my favorites is just two words: “Inklingo rocks!”

Sometimes it takes more time to keep it short. “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter,” is a famous quotation for good reason.

You don’t have to be a great writer to write a review that will help other quilters. We would love it if you click on the Review button (above) to leave a review for the free Diamond-Triangle-Square shape collection or choose any one you wish.


Carol in Panama Spool Quilt

9. Carol has allowed me to use her photos and quote her on the website. This quilt is on the webpage for Japanese X (Spool).

My favorite “Carol Quote” is this one:

Linda – thank you for inventing Inklingo – it is the BEST thing to happen to quilting since the rotary cutter and the self healing mat – no BETTER – I’d give up my rotary cutter before I’d give up Inklingo!\

Several other Inklingoists have kindly given me permission too, so there are more quilts and quotations sprinkled throughout the website.

10. Carol has made great suggestions for future shape collections.

11. Carol is a member of the Inklingo Yahoo Group and shares photos of her quilts in an album there.


Carol has demoed Inklingo in person with friends and they have become Inklingoists too.


From the beginning I have counted on quilters to tell their friends about Inklingo.

“But when you hear an idea from two people, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from ten people, the impact is completely off the charts compared to just one person whispering in your ear.” – Seth Godin (Marketing Guru)

I think Carol is better at “marketing” than I am.

Cathi, Carol and countless others have helped to spread the word in their own special ways.

There are even more ways, especially if you are in contact with influential quilters and magazine editors. Thank you for all you do.


Inklingo Projects Blog


If you like to see Inklingo projects online, I hope you will take a minute to send something to Cathi for the Inklingo Projects blog too.

Thank you to Carol and Cathi and YOU.

I can hardly wait to see what you are working on now! Will it be an idea you found online?

Linda & Monkey

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3 thoughts on “Inklingo on Pinterest – Are you there?”

  1. Great info on Pintrest…I was one of the first to join back when you had to have a referral/or invite…so much easier now.
    I would also suggest that you try and ask if you could “pin” something from someone else’s blog…one person sent me a personal email and asked me to “unpin” something and of course I did.
    Now to spend some time with Carol and you and your boards LOL

  2. I love pinterest even it is time consumming, so muche inspiration and a good tool to keep my links visuals in mind (on boards!)
    I will have a look on yours and will follow you of course
    Marie from france


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