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Wednesday Tute 11 – Double Wedding Ring

Welcome back! This is our eleventh Wednesday Tute with tips for designing and sewing with Inklingo.

Are you planning a Double Wedding Ring for the NYC Mod Quilter’s Double Wedding Ring Challenge?

Double Wedding Ring Challenge

You can make a DWR with Inklingo and win a big prize.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe explains it perfectly and she has great credentials for this because her Double Edged Love Quilt won Best in Show at QuiltCon.

This is the “Mod Quilters” Challenge, but there are Modern and Traditional categories.


In Wednesday Tute 10 we looked at several ways to finish the edge of a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

Double Wedding Ring quilts with the blocks set “on-point,” are less common, but give even MORE design options!

By the way, either one of these pink designs is enough to enter the contest! ONE ring! Yes! You can do this.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

This “on-point” setting for Double Wedding Ring is big enough for the other categories of the challenge too because it has 4 or more rings.

This is probably the easiest design to bind because it doesn’t have any corners.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

You can practice your scalloped binding on this one.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

This is not what most people think of when they imagine Double Wedding Ring.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

Up for a challenge? The binding would probably take longer than assembling the quilt top!


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

Another variation with straight edges.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

Compare this to the one above.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Quilts

I could go on and on but these should get you started.

You can created better designs if you take advantage of all of the options in the Inklingo DWR shape collection.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Variations

Today’s examples all have simple rings (arcs) to keep the emphasis on the edges.

The design variations are infinite with these shapes. No matter what you design, it is easier and faster to sew perfect pieces if you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

This is just one of the many options for the arcs. The matching marks printed along the curves make it easy to get perfect results whether you are sewing by machine or by hand. (Example is Timeless Treasures.)

Isn’t it nice to know that no matter how complex or modern the design, it is easier and faster to sew when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo?


Monkey and I are hoping our little tutes will inspire you to enter a quilt in the NYC Mod Quilter’s Double Wedding Ring Challenge.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book


The Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book is at least a $20 value but it is on sale for only $10, and you can get it FREE if you also buy the shapes to print on fabric. (Details)

The Design Book (PDF download) includes Double Wedding Ring sewing and pressing instructions. It will help you design with Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish shapes too.

There are other articles on the blog already which will help you with the challenge. Several are listed in Wednesday Tute 09.


You can catch up on 8 Wednesday Tutes for Pieced Hexagons too.

We are planning a few more Wednesday Tutes with ideas for the NYC Mod Quilter’s Double Wedding Ring Challenge, so please enter your email address (top of right sidebar), so you don’t miss anything.

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Linda & Monkey

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  1. Oh. MY!! Linda and Monkey, you’re making my fingers *itch* and already I have too many projects on the go at once! Love the 4th design, with the yellow paisley centres, and the 5th, with the apple green binding—so unusual! J’adore.
    Also, Monkey dear, just for you, I ‘liked’ Inklingo on FB. 🙂 (I never use FB)


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