Wednesday Tute 09 – Double Wedding Ring

Welcome back! This is our 9th Wednesday Tute.

Yesterday we listed 25 Signs You are an Inklingo Quilter.

Here’s another one:

26. You know how much faster and easier it is to sew Double Wedding Ring with Inklingo than it was in the olden days with templates!

Double Wedding Ring Challenge

October 2022 – Several Inklingo quilters entered quilts in the contest in 2013. The links to the info about the contest are out of date, so I am deleting links and other info that is out of date.

Print on fabric with Inklingo for double wedding ring quilt

Let’s show what we can do when we print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo!


I think we all have a clear idea of what a “traditional quilt” is.

What is a “modern quilt?” I googled it and found The Modern Quilt Guild’s definition of modern quilting.

Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways, but several characteristics often appear which may help identify a modern quilt. These include, but are not limited to: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work. “Modern traditionalism” or the updating of classic quilt designs is also often seen in modern quilting.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

Is this bold and graphic enough to be “modern?”

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

I’m pretty sure this is traditional, but look at those unusual corners. Hmmmmmm. Bonus points for a brave scalloped binding!

I used Robert Kaufman “Damask Rose” for the fussy cut centers.

Click on the video to play.

When I was designing the DWR quilts for this video, I knew that no matter how complicated they look, any quilter can get beautiful results when the cutting and stitching lines are printed on the fabric.

Confidence. A wonderful thing. Let your artistic vision come to life!

This video might get your creative juices flowing, but there will be more design ideas on the blog in the next few weeks.

We are hoping our little tutes will inspire you to enter a quilt.

Sew Double Wedding Ring by Machine or by Hand.


The Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book is at least a $20 value but it is on sale for only $10, and you can get it FREE if you also buy the shapes to print on fabric.

The Inklingo design book (PDF download) includes Double Wedding Ring sewing instructions. It will help you design using Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish shapes too.

Print Double Wedding Ring Shapes on fabric with Inklingo

You can sew a Double Wedding Ring by hand or by machine or a bit of both. We think that is the modern approach, even if you are sewing a traditional design.

Double Wedding Ring in Electric Quilt

There are several articles on the blog already which will help you with the challenge.

  • Double Wedding Ring in Electric Quilt (above)
  • How to count the shapes for Double Wedding Ring Quilts
  • Double Wedding Ring Quilts with On-Point Settings
  • More Double Wedding Ring Designs
  • How to sew a Double Wedding Ring Quilt
  • Inklingo Pickle Dish
  • Purple Pickle
  • Stitching Curves with Inklingo

You can see all of them listed in “Topics” in the right sidebar.

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Shapes to print on fabric

Isn’t it nice to know that no matter how complex or “modern” the design, it is easier and faster to sew when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo!


You can still catch up on the first eight Wednesday Tutes for Pieced Hexagons.

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Thanks for visiting. See you soon!

Linda & Monkey

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