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The QuiltingHub website is a great new resource for quilters.

I have a feeling that it won’t be long before all quilters consider QuiltingHub an essential tool—whether they are in their own home towns or traveling or shopping online.

Looking for a shop or museum or quilt show in Brisbane? Toronto? Rotterdam? Washington DC?

Traveling from Cincinnati to Niagara Falls?

Looking for a shop that carries a particular brand?

QuiltingHub is worldwide, just like Inklingo.

The benefits for quilters are described in the video.

For quilters, it is FREE to register at QuiltingHub. All that is required is your name, email, and a password.

When you register, YOU can like, fan & rate your favorite brands, shops, and designers and suggest more!

Inklingo is proud to be listed as a brand on this new site.


Inklingo on Quilting Hub

We would love it if you would “like” and become a “fan” of the Inklingo page.

That link takes you directly to the Inklingo page. There is also a Quick Link on QuiltingHub for Brands, so you can search “by name” for Inklingo.


After you like Inklingo, please make sure your favorite shops are listed!

It only takes a minute and your suggestions are acted on.

By the way, after that first minute, you could be inspired for hours by all the resources on the website. Take coffee and chocolate with you.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons in Wednesday Tutes


You can catch up on the first eight Wednesday Tutes for Pieced Hexagons

. . .

Inklingo Wednesday Tutes - DWR

. . . and Tute 09 for DWR (Double Wedding Ring).



A fierce storm ripped through Burlington on Friday afternoon. Many, many trees were toppled. According to the paper, there were 1000 lightning strikes every two minutes. That is not normal around here.

We lost power and Internet until Sunday. Since we are in the country on a well, we lived without running water too. I was able to get Internet access at my sister’s, just in case anyone needed me, but all ya’ll were fine.

Damage was extensive and power has still not been restored everywhere.

We are counting our blessings today. Running water! Hot and cold! Lights! Online friends. Life is good.


A new tute will be posted on Wednesday, so please enter your email address (top of right sidebar), so you don’t miss anything good.

Thanks for visiting. See you soon!

Linda & Monkey

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Inklingo for Beginners

25 Signs YOU are an Inklingo Quilter

3 thoughts on “Inklingo on QuiltingHub”

  1. Thank goodness storms like this only come once in a great while. Glad you are back online and have the power and water. Reminds me to make sure I am better prepared in case of an emergency!

  2. It has been almost impossible to grasp the amount of damage that storm caused when looking at pictures in the news. I’m so glad your power has been restored!

  3. Golly. Storm sounds bad. Glad you are ok. Love your DWR design with the HSTs. Different and wonderful. Thanks for this super idea!


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