Wednesday Tute 01 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


There are a few simple things you need to know about designing with 60° shapes for Pieced Hexagons.

We have summarized them in a two-page PDF which you can download (below). We thought it would be a good way to start our Wednesday Tutes for Inklingo Pieced Hexagons.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

1. Hexagons are always named by the length of a finished side.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

2. The measurement from point to point across a hexagon is always twice the measurement of a finished side.


8 Inklingo Shapes for Pieced Hexagons

3. With these 8 shapes, you can make the 300 Pieced Hexagon designs in the new video on YouTube—in a variety of sizes!

(It is easier to read the small print if you download the PDF, below.)


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

4. The Big shape is always twice as big as the Little shape.

For example, if the Little shape is a 0.5 inch Diamond, the Big shapes will have 1.0 inch sides and the Pieced Hexagons will be 2 inches (4 inches across from point to point).

The chart on this page is handy.


Click here to download our Inklingo Pieced Hexagon Wednesday Tute 01.

(49 MB. I am still trying to figure out how to make it smaller. It seems unnecessarily large, but the swatches of Timeless Treasures fabric make it pretty.)


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


Our two-page PDF shows 8 sizes you can make with Inklingo with Big and Little Hexagon and Diamond shapes.

60° Diamonds are not available in every size yet.


For example, there are no Inklingo 0.25 inch 60° Diamonds, so you are saved from making certain ridiculously tiny Pieced Hexagons. (You can thank me later.) They would have 1 inch sides and be 2 inches across from point to point.

However, there is nothing but sanity to stop you from making many other itty bitty Pieced Hexagon designs which use 0.25 inch Hexagons (and partial hexagons) with 0.5 inch Hexagons and Diamonds (and parts). Think it over first, okay?


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


The most popular size is 3 inch Pieced Hexagons (6 inches across from point to point). That may be because all of the shapes are available on the Inklingo Shape Collection # 3 CD, which has been available since 2007.

Cathi of Quilt Obsession saw one design (above) flash past in the new video and decided she had to make it. You can see hers on Quilt Obsession.

Cathi has been using Inklingo from the beginning, so she is celebrating 7 years too.


With 1.5 and 3 inch Hexagon and Diamond shape collections, you can make Hexagons which are 12 inches across from point to point. That’s big.


You can see which sizes of Diamonds and Hexagons are available in the Index of Shapes under the Support & Goodies tab on the website.


While you are waiting for our next Pieced Hexagon Tute, you might want to watch the video on YouTube.

The designs zoom past quickly but you can pause and examine the ones you like the best. You may see them differently now that you have the first PDF lesson.

We will share more of them in a PDF next Wednesday.


Inklingo 300 Pieced Hexagons (Video)Click to play the video.

There are several articles about Pieced Hexagons in the blog archives and there are other Inklingo videos on YouTube about sewing hexagons by hand and by machine:

There is some info about Pieced Hexagons in the Inklingo Smart Shopper’s Idea Book (free PDF to download).  Look for Candied Hexagons and VariaHex.


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Linda & Monkey

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Tute 01 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons”

  1. Hi Linda and Monkey 🙂
    Doing a bit of catch up here. Love this hexagon post and the latest one too, got the in between ones to read to catch up 😉 I love these pieced hexagons and a project is on my list to make a quilt with these…. or at least some more to go with the ones I made from Tilde’s BOM from a few years ago. Thank you for posting these. Bunny hugs to Monkey 🙂 Ellyx

  2. Hi Toni, There is a search box above the header on the blog, but the quilt you are describing doesn’t ring a bell.
    I tried searching for tumbling, seven sisters, star, etc. and found some links that might help:

    I hope one of those helps, but I’ll keep thinking. If you find it, please let me know. Hugs, Linda & Monkey

  3. I saw a pink tumbling block small quilt that appeared to be finished as a hexagon… there were rectangles near the edges. to finsih it off…

    I can’t find it and wish to examine it again to finish off one of mine and get on with the InkLingo technique from now on….

    I’m searching all the hexagon entries on the right hand side…is that the only way to search ? open and peek?


  4. I love your designs. I am rather new to Piecing hexagons. Just started to work on the AHHH’s from Hillbilly Handiworks. But those are EPP.
    Love your stuff. I want to do more with them
    Els from Brielle, the Netherlands.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    When I pause the video on YouTube, it is the regular view and easy to see. I don’t know how the video player works on your android. Do you know what software it is? Does it normally allow you to pause other videos?
    You are right about the shape collections. If you have the 1 and 2 inch hexagons and the1 and 2 inch diamonds, you would just need to add the triangles because they were not in the 2 inch diamond shape collection. Then you could make all 300 Pieced Hexagon Designs and they would have 4 inch sides and be 8 inches across from point to point.
    Some of the designs just need two sizes of hexagon or two sizes of diamonds, so you could add shape collections gradually to make the designs you want.
    Linda & Monkey

  6. These are way too much fun! Now you have me really contemplating doing something with the .25″ hexagons and .50″ diamonds. As much as I love miniatures, that might be a bit over the top even for me. But then again — a few seconds to print a few shapes to try out and who knows where that may lead!
    No way I’d be making these without Inklingo! With Inklingo, it’s just so, so easy and so much fun to play with design ideas.

  7. Two questions, Linda. When I pause the video I get a dark view, not a paused view of the pieced hexagon last seen. This is when viewed on my tablet (androd). What am I missing here?

    Also, can all these pieced hexies also be made with the two inch and four inch versions that I already own, I.e. (1inch hex, 2inch hex, 2inch triangle and 2 plus 4 inch diamonds)? (Oops, I still need to buy the triangles.)


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