Wednesday Tute 02 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


In our last video, we showed you 300 pieced hexagons you can make with Inklingo Shape Collection # 3 or with other hexagon and diamond shape collections.

Today there is a new video.

Click to watch “Inklingo Pieced Hexagons from Diamonds.”

Inklingo Pieced Hexagons from Diamonds Video

Would you like to start with only one Diamond Shape Collection?

This new video shows about 40 Pieced Hexagons that use only 4 shapes.

You can have fun making enough Pieced Hexagons for one of the Settings for Pieced Hexagons we shared earlier this year. (That’s one of my favorite pages.)

You can be very creative with only 4 shapes.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons from Diamonds

These shapes are available in several sizes. The triangles are half and quarter diamonds.

All of the sizes are listed in the Index of Shapes (under the Support tab), but we’ll list them here too.

All of these collections have everything you need to make all of the designs in the video.

There is also a small shape collection with the 2.0 inch 60° Diamond, but you need a second shape collection to get the related 2 inch 60° Triangles.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons with Diamonds


There are illustrations of Pieced Hexagons made with Diamonds in an earlier blog message.

I started designing a new PDF with illustrations of some of these Pieced Hexagons because they look so pretty with the Timeless Treasures swatches.

It was a nice plan, but I had a massage this afternoon to ease my neck after too many hours at the computer. When I got home I was so relaxed that I found it hard to concentrate on the details. I made a mistake uploading the video to YouTube too, or this would have been posted hours ago.

Don’t worry. It should be possible to post a cute new PDF before next Wednesday’s Tute, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, there are several articles about Pieced Hexagons in the blog archives and there are other Inklingo videos on YouTube about designing and sewing hexagons:


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons with Diamonds


Do you know quilters who like Pieced Hexagon designs?

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See you next Wednesday—if not before. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Tute 02 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons”

  1. Another great vid, Linda. Thank you so much.
    Cyn; -)
    who’s still plugging slowly away on her COTSG… poor thing is going to be totally GREY before she gets finished! lol

  2. Hi Barb!

    I think we all feel that way – ah, for more hours……Maybe we should have a raffle and give out tickets to see who might win more hours for a day. Wouldn’t that be great! :o)

  3. Please someone send me more hours in my day! I cannot possibly keep up with all these wonderful things that Linda provides for us. I’m working on my periwinkle bed runner right now. And my heart is calling me to make a pieced hexagon! I LOVE these designs, Linda! But I need more hours in my day…..

  4. I love these pieced hexagons! There’s one that is absolutely calling out to me to make. Guess the sunflower blocks will get a break tomorrow. 🙂


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