Spectacular Sunflower Quilts

Some designs are so perfect for Inklingo that they are irresistible: Double Wedding Ring, Pickle Dish, Storm At Sea, Dresden Plate, Clamshell Pickle, Feathered Star, Alabama Beauty.

We tend to think of the elaborate ones first.

Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, and Quarter Square Triangles are less glamorous, but best with Inklingo, too.

Last night, after a long struggle with a failing computer, we added spectacular Inklingo Sunflowers (sometimes called “Sunburst Quilts”). I am in love with them.

<drum roll> SUNFLOWER


Sunflower Quiltsare deeply impressive and relatively rare, partly because there is no paper piecing method for them. It’s templates or nothing, and when the piecing is finished, the circles still have to be appliquéed to a background.

Not any more! Inklingo changes Sunflower forever.

With the cutting and stitching lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo, you can make stunning Sunflowers by hand or by machine in less time than it took your grandmother to make the templates and cut out the shapes. And you can piece every seam, if you prefer not to appliqué.




Inklingo quilters love combo layouts and there are SIX different ones for Sunflower, so if your design uses the same fabric in two shapes (e.g. the inner and outer triangles), you can print them at the same time and use the fabric efficiently. Of course, the shapes are also provided in separate layouts. See how in the design book.


When you print with Inklingo, you can use some of the time you save to fussy cut the circles or the diamonds. Oh, my goodness! There are tips for “fussy printing” in older messages on this blog, like this one.


Inklingo takes Sunflower a giant leap forward with TWO sizes.

  You can do this!

The little sunflower fits inside the big one for a Double Sunflower . . .

. . . or you can use two sizes in the same quilt as single sunflowers.

I got carried away designing with these shapes. My best tips and designs are in the Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book—108 pages. 30+ Quilt Designs. 26 worksheets!!!


The sale price is good until April 11, and the Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book is FREE for a limited time.

Please tell your friends. It won’t be free for long.


Monkey and my computer are telling me that the next collections will be simpler. Russ says I should get a new computer. I have been putting it off for years because I hate the work of moving into a new one. I tell Russ it’s like moving into a new house. Everything has to be packed and moved, and the new house has no towel racks, or toilet paper holders, or draperies. I don’t want to start over. I like it here. I just want this old computer to keep working.


Here’s what to do:

1. Order and download the Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book while it’s free.

2. Open the Sunflower Quilt Design Book and decide which sizes are best for you.

3. Go back to the Inklingo site to order at least one Sunflower Shape Collection (notice the savings if you buy both), and leave a review for the design book.

4. Make a quilt that will impress your friends and annoy your enemies (not that you have any).

Please don’t tell me to get a new computer. Tell me what you think of the Design Book, okay?

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start  (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

13 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunflower Quilts”

  1. I am going to stop reading those “New Collection” announcements because I have to slap my fingers everytime I see one! LOL
    It will be on the -one of these days- list but it is good to know that when I want to buy it will be available!
    Hugs to you all and a special cup of chocolate banana sundae to you!

  2. Maria, this is such a great question that I decided to answer with illustrations on a new blog message, available now. Thank you for the compliment too.

  3. Linda – you are an amazing woman. The Sunflower block is absolutely stunning, and you’ve made it so easy to figure everything out with your checklist. Bravo!

    One newbie question: what is a combo layout?

    I’m going to download the Sunflower Design book now.

  4. In a box marked sunflower quilts in my sewing room there is:

    Sunflower fabric-check..its a Hoffman from 10 yrs ago.
    Backround fabric-check..beautiful
    Brown center fabric..check. it looks like seeds almost
    plastic templates to make Sunflowers…Chuck!! don’t need them

  5. Another fabulous collection LInda – You and Monkey – not to leave out the computer – have another success on your hands I am sure. I don’t think we should leave out Russ – he, I am sure, is always standing right befhind you 🙂

  6. Your comments always make me laugh, Sharyn. Thank you! Monkey is working on some interview questions sent to him by a dear freind. It’s a start. He needs a little help with the typing.

    I like knowing you’re out there in the west, wishing us well. It’s a good feeling.

  7. The design book is absolutely, positively fantastic! And oh, the shapes! The design possibilities are absolutely endless — one could make multiple quilts that wouldn’t be the same! I woke up in the middle of the night with ideas!
    I hope the next few collections are easier on you and your computer!

  8. Oh WOWZER! This is amazing… can’t wait. I’m off to Linda’s Inklingo site to pick some Sunflowers! Super FUN!


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