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Maria Peagler, author of Color Mastery (award winning book), asked a great question about yesterday’s announcement for Sunflower Shape Collections.

“What is a combo layout?”

Monkey and I love combo layouts. I still get a little thrill of satisfaction when I remember the AHA moment. Monkey was there too. It was a summer evening and the doors and windows were open. I was printing to make a few Le Moyne Star blocks to photograph for the free Inklingo Shape Collection. It is still clear in my mind. I started to laugh when I saw the possibilities.

That doesn’t make it very clear, does it? Maybe it is easiest to show you with an example.

NOTE  There’s a test at the end.


In this block, the background and the center circle are the same fabric.

The Inklingo shapes are provided separately (as usual), so I could print them on two sheets of fabric . . .

. . . OR, I could use Combo Layout 1 in the Sunflower Quilt Shape Collection (6 inch), to print both at the same time.

It uses fabric very efficiently and saves time.

Is that cool, or what? Cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. Perfect shapes.

There are combo layouts in several different Inklingo shape collections, but Sunflower offered the most opportunities.


Combo 2 lets me print the background and the diamonds at the same time.


The inner and outer triangles are the same white fabric. This is quite common in Sunflower blocks. Print all 16 of each shape (32 shapes ) on one piece of fabric!

No templates, no weird rulers. Perfect cutting lines and stitching lines on every shape. You can sew an Inklingo Sunflower block and love the results.


This Double Sunflower uses FOUR Combo layouts from the 6 and 12 inch Sunflower Shape Collections. See pages 39 and 43 in the Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book (free for a limited time) and decide which four combo layouts would work. The answer is on page 47. Then you’ll be ready for this:

Thanks for asking a great question, Maria! Since Color Mastery is all about choosing fabrics with color confidence, this is right up your alley, don’t you think?


The FREE Inklingo Shape Collection for Diamonds/Triangles/Squares includes two combo layouts! You can print them right now. They are the original combos—the result of that first AHA moment.

Anyone else have a question? I try to answer them all.

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start  (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

11 thoughts on “Inklingo Combo Layouts”

  1. Combo layouts are here to stay!
    We love using them, and Monkey and I have fun designing them too. Sometimes it is not obvious how to fit everything together in the most efficieint way, and still be able to rotary cut, but we like puzzles.
    Thank you for all the lovely comments, here and on the Yahoo group.

  2. Combo layouts are wonderful! When making multiple blocks, especially in different color-ways, it’s nice to print the combined shapes on their own page[s], then I can cut these out as i come to them in construction, rather than cutting all at once. It really helps me stay organized. Super idea, Linda; thank you so much.
    Cyn; -) a longtime Inklingo-Fan

  3. I have to admit that I’ve never used the combo layouts but now having read your explanation Linda not only will I be using the combos for my sunflowers but I’ve now got a few new ideas for using my different fabrics so a big thank you from me for this great blog post.

  4. Wow Linda. Thanks for answering my question with such a terrific blog post. That’s what I call awesome customer service! I totally understand combo layouts now – and what a time saver and so efficient with fabric. Really cool Linda!


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