Two Inklingo Fussy Cutting Methods

Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda fussy cut with Inklingo

The 3 new shape collections for Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda are fantastic for fussy cutting!

EIGHT star points. . .


Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda fussy cut with Inklingo

. . . or just ONE octagon.

In fact, you can fussy cut ALL Inklingo shapes


Print templates with Inklingo for traditional fussy cutting.


1. Traditional

Print freezer paper templates from the Inklingo PDF (shapes without seam allowances).

Cut individual designs and make Swiss cheese of the fabric.

This is a good option if:

  • You only need one shape, like the octagon for Waltzing Matilda or Castle Wall.
  • You want complete control over the motif to be cut.
  • You are working with fat quarters or scraps and do not have enough fabric for No Waste Fussy Cutting (method 2).
  • You don’t need to know exact fabric requirements because you have lots or are only fussy cutting a few shapes.

Freezer paper templates have many advantages over acrylic templates.


POTC made with Inklingo by Joan Cumming in Australia

2. No Waste Fussy Cutting

Print identical sheets of fabric with Inklingo.

Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting

This is similar to Stack n Whack™, but simpler and faster. This is my favorite method.

Inklingo on Quilting Hub

There is a detailed article on QuiltingHub which describes both methods.


Fussy Cutting with Inklingo


These two methods of fussy cutting work beautifully whether you will be sewing by machine or by hand, including EPP.

I do NOT recommend English Paper Piecing for POTC or any other shapes.

The brilliance of Lucy Boston was in the way she used the designs in the fabric, not her sewing method.
However, there are 8 good ways to use Inklingo for English Paper Piecing if that is the method you love.

There are videos on the Main Hexagon Page on the website showing how to sew by hand and by machine.


Inklingo Star 9 inch

Inklingo Star (Print 8 identical sheets for No Waste Fussy Cutting)

There has never been a better selection of cotton fabric than there is today. Lucy Boston was not as lucky as we are!


Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda fussy cut with Inklingo

I have been posting photos like this on the Inklingo Facebook page every day, so please have a look.


Monkey wants to remind you that the intro sale price of $15 ends on the 16th, okay? Main Waltzing Matilda Page.


Coming soon:

  • some of my favorite fabrics for fussy cutting
  • an Electric Quilt project file for Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda
  • quilt settings for stars
  • and more!

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Whether you fussy cut or not, I think you will love sewing the new stars! Join me?

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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