Quilting on the Go Flower Garden Mini Quilt

Lilabelle Lane Creations

Sharon (Lilabelle Lane Creations)  takes traditional designs, adds a little Aussie twist, and makes them fresh and lovely again.

Flower Garden Mini Quilt Sharon Burgess

One example is her pretty Flower Garden Mini Quilt.

I love the way she uses stripes in this one!

Flower Garden Quilt instructions

It is one of the 16 designs in her beautiful book, Quilting on the Go.

Print hexagons on fabric

Like many of the other quilts in the book, the shapes are “inklingo-able.”

Hexagons 0.75 inch

This lovely mini quilt uses hexagons in the 60ª Hexagon shape collection 0.75 inch..

Inklingo PDFs are ” shape collections,” so there is also a “house half” hexagon to use around the edges, so you don’t have to trim.

Print on scraps of fabric

Print on scraps of fabric or strips.

Print hexagons on fabric

For the flowers, you can print 6, 12, 18, or even 24 hexagons at a time and rotary cut.

Rotary cut hexagons

There is also a layout for scissors but it doesn’t save much fabric, and I prefer to rotary cut several layers at a time.

Rotary cut layers of hexagons

The cutting goes fast, especially when you cut 3 or 4 layers at a time.

Fussy Cut with Inklingo

The printing and cutting goes sooooo fast . . . . you might want to take a little extra time to fussy cut some of the hexagons. (Instructions for fussy cutting with freezer paper templates.)

Sew with a running stitch

When the shapes are printed, stacked, and cut, you can settle down with some relaxing “continuous stitching.”

This video includes some of my best tips for sewing with a running stitch, continuous stitching, and pressing.

Hexagon Flower

Sewing with a running stitch is perfect if you are watching the World Series.

A “perfect” baseball game means nothing happens anyway. <wicked grin>  Most of the time it’s just two guys playing catch but you can stop a running stitch and look up if anyone is actually running.

Hexagons + Inklingo = a home run.

How to press Grandmothers Flower Garden

It is so satisfying to see each flower pressed. Even the back is pretty!

Sharon Burgess' Quilting on the Go

Many of the lovely projects in Sharon Burgess’ Quilting on the Go can be made quickly and simply with Inklingo Clamshells, hexagons, diamonds, triangles, and kites.

It is a great book! I want to make all of the designs!

Celestial Star by Kathy Timmons

Kathy in Mexico is using the new Inklingo Celestial Star shape collection to make the cover quilt on Quilting on the Go. (Kathy is the queen of fussy cutting!) 

Introduction to Inklingo

This VIDEO on the Welcome to Inklingo page explains how to print on fabric (or paper) with your ordinary Inkjet printer. (Please tell your friends.) (book and more info)

And more on my site:

Are you subscribed? There is more coming!

There is so much more going on and I think you are going to like it, so please stay tuned!

Linda & Monkey

5 thoughts on “Quilting on the Go Flower Garden Mini Quilt”

  1. Your description of a baseball game made me grin! I think that may be one reason I love baseball so much – it’s easy to listen while sewing and then look up when things happen. I love this mini quilt – it’s so cute! Makes me think I need to get this book as it appears her designs are all so pretty!

  2. Whiskers! I am NOT ready for the white stuff yet. Most of the leaves have not even changed color here yet. Please don’t mention snow, okay? Changing the subject, I would love to see photos when you start your Celestial Star.

  3. I too chuckled at your description of a “ball game”. Those hexies are pretty, and I’m planning to start one Celestial Star block next weekend to work on while I sit at the “polls” on Election Day. I’m loving Sharon’s book, and with possible “white stuff” on the ground by next weekend, she may be my life preserver through the coming winter. Really BIG s i g h …….


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