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Quilting on the Go is a beautiful softcover book by Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane.

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Sharon Burgess’ lovely Quilting on the Go book is 128 pages, 8 x 5 x 11 inches, deluxe softcover, 2017)

I am delighted to recommend Sharon’s book. It includes patterns for 16 very pretty projects—including Celestial Star. Lilabelle Lane

Good news!

Quilting on the Go is not just for quilters who like English Paper Piecing.

Sharon teaches English Paper Piecing but when Inklingo quilters requested the shapes for Celestial Star to print on fabric, she graciously agreed, so more quilters can sew these designs—whether they use EPP or not!

Sharon’s designs appeal to more quilters when they can print the shapes with Inklingo, so they sew with a running stitch by hand. You can even sew some of her amazing designs by machine.

16 Exciting Designs

Celestial Stars (the cover quilt) is just one of the projects you can make with Inklingo. There are designs that use hexagons, diamonds, triangles, clamshells, circles, triangles, and other inklingo-able shapes.

There are a lot of reasons to love Quilting on the Go!

1. Unusual & Beautiful Designs

I want to make all of Sharon’s designs! Many of the projects use shapes that are available from Inklingo, like Clamshell 2-inch, 60º Hexagons (0.75-inch, 1-inch and 2-inch), 6Diamonds, and more.

When you find a design you like, you can check the Index of Shapes to see which of the shapes are inklingo-able.

2. Simple to Decide How Much Fabric

There are diagrams in every shape collection to show how many shapes you can cut from a yard of fabric.

3. Easy to Cut

No measuring, no templates. Use a rotary cutter or scissors—and there are stitching lines and matching marks printed on every shape!

When you print the shapes with Inklingo, you don’t need acrylic templates or paper pieces.

4. You can sew with a Running Stitch or by Machine

With Inklingo, more quilters can make these lovely designs.

  • Sew by hand with a running stitch, or
  • Print papers for English Paper Piecing, or
  • Sew by machine

If you want to sew any of Sharon’s designs by machine, choose the larger sizes.

5. Fussy Cut

Sharon uses fussy cutting to get spectacular effects in her Celestial Star quilt. There are two great methods of fussy cutting with Inklingo and neither uses acrylic templates.

  • Traditional (freezer paper templates make Swiss cheese of the fabric)
  • No Waste Fussy Cutting (print shapes on identical sheets of fabric, similar to Stack ‘n Whack™)

6. Print scraps and Jelly Rolls

Monkey shows you how to print on Jelly Rolls in the Top 10 Tutes.

7. Sew Insets by Machine

Sewing the shapes in Celestial Star is similar to sewing hexagons for Grandmother’s Flower Garden and other designs. When you buy Celestial Star shapes, I manually add the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value, PDF download) as a bonus. The design book focuses on 60-degree hexagons but the sewing and pressing instructions apply to the shapes in Celestial Star too.

8. A choice of sizes.

Sharon’s original Celestial Star quilt is 52 x 52 before borders. With Inklingo, you can make the original size (100%) or 39 x 39 (75%), or 65 x 65 (125%).


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