Quilt Designs with New York Beauty 03

There is so much you can do with the new New York Beauty blocks!

These quilt layouts are just a starting point. All of these happen to be symmetrical, and none use the small arc.


New York Beauty 03 with alternate quarter circle (no small arc).


Notice how the large blue arcs create a border effect.


No small arcs. The green arcs create a border effect.


You don’t have to follow this blog for very long before you realize how much I love designing borders!


This reminds me of an old Baby Bunting pattern.


The four corners would look good on a quilt with a completely different center too.


No arcs! The blocks are simplified by using the alternate corner and quarter circle provided in NYB 03.

The white background makes the spikes really pop.


From the center: curvey grey border (medallion effect), NYB border, piping, binding.



  • Friday midnight – NYB 03 sale ends
  • a project file for NYB for Electric Quilt, including variations for NYB 01, 02, and 03. We think you will want to play this weekend.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you can check out how to sew NYB designs by machine, or our 50 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs.

Mum’s swan dive out of her wheelchair has put me behind (not that I was ever ahead LOL), but there is some great stuff coming, okay? Please stay tuned! (Or subscribe, right sidebar).

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4 thoughts on “Quilt Designs with New York Beauty 03”

  1. Stunning! thanks for all the options and possiblities. I don’t have EQ either but you have gave us some awesome ideas!

  2. Amazing is all I can say, now I just wish I had EQ7 so I could play with all the designs. Maybe for my birthday!

  3. Are the possibilites endless? I think so! But the sale is not… just one more day.
    I have this collection, and it’s a beaut! 🙂 Thanks for showing us a bit of the tip of an obviously large iceburg!


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