Mix and Match for New York Beauty Quilts

When I announced New York Beauty 03 the other day, I intended to share several great quilt layouts immediately.

However, life has been interrupted in Burlington for a few days, because my Mum had a bad fall. Things are under control for now, but I am behind with everything else.

This is just a teaser.

The alternate corners in the new New York Beauty 03 can be used with New York Beauty 01 and New York Beauty 02. Very cool!


4 columns (left to right) show the basic options:

1. NYB 03, 02, 01

2. Larger Quarter Circle replaces the small arc and quarter circle

3. Larger Corner replaces the large arc and corner (not NYB 02)

4. Both arcs replaced with larger shapes (not NYB 02)

The possibilities for mixing and matching with other 6 inch blocks is astounding.

Coming Next

While I’m out of the room, please feel free to design among yourselves, okay? LOL

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Linda & Monkey

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2 thoughts on “Mix and Match for New York Beauty Quilts”

  1. My goodness, Linda! I hope your Mum has recovered and is in A-OK shape. I’m sure while you and Russ are helping Mum, Monkey will mind the store.

    These designs are beautiful – as you are too! Thanks so much for thinking of us.

    Maybe we could call these designs “Burlington Beauties” 🙂


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