The Third Inklingo New York Beauty

New York Beauty 03 – NEW today!

Those of you who love New York Beauty 01 and New York Beauty 02 have asked for more, and you have had lots of suggestions for us!

You requested:

  • super spike-y
  • simpler

Hmmm. Can it be both? YES!

Monkey thinks we have found the answer to make everyone happy!

New York Beauty 03 is very spike-y with 2 arcs, and . . .


. . . it has alternate corners to eliminate both arcs and simplify the look.

This is perfect if you want to use a fabric with a large motif that will not fit smaller shapes.

I have used subdued colors in these examples to make a change from the usual bright/bold NY Beauties which have been popular in recent years.

These blocks look good no matter what colors you choose.


New York Beauty with Inklingo

  1. A Choice of Layouts
    The Inklingo PDF has hundreds of pages to print on fabric with all of the different shapes. You just have to find the page you want, and print!
  2. Combo Layouts
    Print all of the shapes at the same time on several fabrics and mix and match. The printing only takes a few minutes. Then, you play with color!
  3. Rotary Cutter or Scissors
    Most of us will use a rotary cutter (great for curves), but scissors make it portable. There are speed cutting tips in the Sunflower Quilt Design Book —free with any NYB shape collection.
  4. Precise Lines
    Cut on the lines, sew on the lines. Every shape has stitching lines and matching marks to make the pinning and sewing easy.
  5. Machine or Hand
    Sew New York Beauty by machine if you need speed, and sew by hand for relaxation and portability.

When we introduced NYB 02 on the blog, we showed you how New York Beauty is easier with Inklingo than with any other method. There is more detail there than in this announcement today.


Combo 1  has all the shapes for one New York Beauty 03.

We love combo layouts so much, we designed 8 different ones for NYB 03.


Of course you can print the shapes separately too.

Any Inklingo New York Beauty can be used with the existing Inklingo Sunflower Shape Collections—or any time you need a 6 inch block.


These are all NYB 03. Some have the large and small arc shapes, and some don’t.

The alternate corner shape and alternate quarter circle add to the fun.

<drum roll> You can also use the new corner shape with NYB 01 and NYB 02, and the new quarter circle with NYB 01. How cool is that?

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Linda & Monkey

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8 thoughts on “The Third Inklingo New York Beauty”

  1. Love the newest NY Beauty and I also really love seeing it in the more subtle colors and prints…a bit more my style and my hands are itching to do some printing soon.
    I hope to add it to my collection sometime really soon!

  2. I bet Cathi will have an entire quilt top made out of these by tonight, lol!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I’m on my way to order now, this is great! Love your colors, Linda, just beauuuutiful! Happy me! 🙂

  3. We are SO lucky!!! Super spiky points and curved piecing in one? Who could ask for more? My heart started beating faster at the sight of those glorious spiky points! The design possibilities with the alternate corners and quarter circles just add to the fun.
    Thank you, Linda, for another absolutely brilliant and fabulous collection!!


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