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Print 12 sizes of hard-to-measure squares on fabric with Squares 00B to get perfect results in all your quilt blocks, especially Square-in-a-Square.

Sew by hand or by machine. Start with precise shapes, and finish with precise shapes.

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You will love the results when you print the 12 sizes of Squares 00B. Rotary or scissors cut. Sew by hand or by machine.

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

dimensions of squares

The Squares 00B shape collection includes all the squares you’ve always wanted but found difficult to measure. As usual, Inklingo squares are named with the finished size. There are many more listed in the Index of Shapes.

Square-in-a-square quilt blocks

The sizes were chosen to use with the 12 sizes of triangles in Inklingo HST Half Square Triangles 00B to make Square-in-a-Square blocks in sizes from 1 to 6 inches (above). They also work with QST Quarter Square Triangles 00B to make borders.

I do the math and measuring. You sew!

Why print squares with Inklingo?

  • No measuring!
  • Some quilters want to use scissors.
  • Quilters love the accuracy of perfectly printed shapes without measuring, especially odd sizes.
  • Quilters love having matching marks and stitching lines on every piece, so they can hand piece when they are on the go and machine piece when they need speed.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them use scraps.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them estimate how much fabric to buy.

Un-printed squares

Quilters often rotary cut squares without printing to use with other printed Inklingo shapes. It works well when the sizes are easy to measure and rotary cut.

However, it is a great advantage to print squares with Inklingo when they would otherwise be difficult to measure, like 1.414-inch squares for 2-inch Square-in-a-Square blocks.

When everything is the right size, there is no need to “square up” afterward. That eliminates a time-consuming extra step, cutting errors,  wasted fabric, and the need for bandaids in the sewing room.

Inklingo quilters often mix Inklingo and non-Inklingo shapes and Monkey says some squares are easy to cut and sew without using Inklingo.

For example, if you need a 4.5-inch square to use in a setting with 4.5-inch LeMoyne Stars (free Inklingo Shape Collection), it’s easy to cut 5-inch squares (finished 4.5). You can cut and sew without printing every shape.

Square in a Square quilt design

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF)

  • shapes to print on fabric
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • includes instructions for “Layer to Cut” for minimal printing
  • precision corners and matching marks for great results
  • perfect for fussy cutting
  • ideal for scrap quilts and some sizes fit on Jelly Rolls (2.5-inch strips)

Nina Joly squares with Inklingo

“This is a carpet I did with Inklingo squares. 4.24 on the upper side and 3.53 on the lower side. It’s for my little daughter Nina who is 9 month old and love lively colors. I never imagine to do it without Inklingo.”Muriel in France

Squares - Bonus Tips

1. “Layer to Cut”

Layer to cut allows you to minimize the printing and cut several layers at a time. Print one sheet, layer with unprinted sheets and rotary cut all of the layers at the same time. This is one of the techniques in The Inklingo Handbook.

2. A Square can be a Clue.

If you know the finished size of the squares in a quilt design or pattern, it tells you the finished size of the adjacent triangles and other shapes.

3. Quick and Perfect 4-Patches.

Monkey shows you how. You can try it now with the squares in the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

4. Triangle Tips PDF

Be sure to get the free Triangle Tips PDF because these squares are usually used with triangles.

Square in a Square

Square-in-a-Square Broken Sash (Beyer 61-2)

All you need to know is the finished size. Inklingo makes it easy.

For a 1-inch finished block, use a 0.71-inch Square with four 0.5-inch HST.

For a 1.25-inch finished block, use a 0.88-inch Square with four 0.625-inch HST.

and so on . . .

  • 1.5-inch finished, use a 1.06-inch SQU with four 0.75-inch HST
  • 2-inch finished, use a 1.41-inch SQU with four 1-inch HST
  • 2.5-inch finished, use a 1.77-inch SQU with four 1.25-inch HST
  • 3-inch finished, use a 2.12-inch SQU with four 1.5-inch HST
  • 3.5-inch finished, use a 2.47-inch SQU with four 1.75-inch HST
  • 4-inch finished, use a 2.83-inch SQU with four 2-inch HST
  • 4.5-inch finished, use a 3.18-inch SQU with four 2.25-inch HST
  • 5-inch finished, use a 3.53-inch SQU with four 2.5-inch HST
  • 5.5-inch finished, use 3a .89-inch SQU with four 2.75-inch HST
  • 6-inch finished, use a 4.24-inch SQU with four 3-inch HST

3 reviews for Squares 00B PDF

  1. Lorraine C (verified owner)

    This collection is a tool to reach for over and over again! It takes the pesky math out of figuring out what size triangle for square in a square blocks. Love the block, hate the math?? Get this collection!

  2. Beverly P (verified owner)

    I’m not a great seamstress, but I can sew on a line. Inklingo makes it so easy to both cut and sew accurately.

  3. Cathi (verified owner)

    An incredibly useful collection to have! One which will make it oh, so easy to plan some fun square in a square designs! No specialty rulers needed; just print and stitch!

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