Print your Appliqué Designs with Inklingo!

Which do you prefer?
(a) getting ready to sew
• tracing and marking appliqué designs
• using a light box to trace appliqué designs
• preparing templates
• using overlays to position appliqué patches
(b) sewing

If you said “sewing” and not “getting ready to sew,” there is some great news from Inklingo.


Inklingo Appliqué Printing Instructions – FREE
Inklingo Circle of Hearts Appliqué Design – FREE
Inklingo for San Kamon by Scarlett Rose

Inklingo (Patent Pending) makes appliqué easier, more precise and faster by eliminating all the tracing and special marking.

Spend your time stitching, not tracing or positioning patches.

Would you like to spend more time appliquéing and have everything perfectly positioned? You will love Inklingo.

Would you like to choose your own size for appliqué designs? You will love Inklingo.

Print the appliqué designs on the fabric with Inklingo and your ordinary Inkjet printer.  The lines won’t show in the finished quilt.

We print on the wrong side of fabric with Inklingo for piecing, but for appliqué, we can print on the right side of the fabric OR print on the wrong side for perfect positioning—in 20 different colors—or on freezer paper.

Your Inkjet printer and Inklingo work together, so appliqué has never been easier to prepare. Inklingo has advantages with all appliqué methods.

It is worthwhile to become friendly with your printer.
Your first design and the instructions are free.

Order and download the new Inklingo Appliqué Printing Instructions and the Circle of Hearts Appliqué Design, and you could be sewing in the next few minutes. And you know you will love the results because everything will be perfectly positioned.

No more templates. No more tracing. No more expensive markers. No more overlays. Can you give all that up? (Monkey thinks you can.)

There is a gallery of quilts (slideshow) with the FREE  Inklingo Appliqué Circle of Hearts Design.

When you have tried the free design, we think you will want to ask your favorite appliqué designers to make their designs inklingoable too. Many new Inklingo collections will be introduced in the next few months and I am accepting requests from quilt designers.

Scarlett Rose allowed me to make her San Kamon designs available in Inklingo format in order to eliminate the need to trace and to allow you to choose your own size. Inklingo for San Kamon is ready for you too on the main Inklingo Appliqué page.


There is a gallery of quilts slideshow for San Kamon too.

Isn’t that exciting news? Get over to the website and start now.

Linda & Monkey

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PPS  $150 PRIZE  Have you written a Review for Inklingo on the website yet? It is a brand new feature and we want every Inklingo shape collection to be reviewed. One lucky reviewer will win $150 worth of Inklingo downloads or Gift Certificates. Fewer than 20 quilters have entered so far. Details available to members of the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

7 thoughts on “Print your Appliqué Designs with Inklingo!”

  1. The applique collections are fabulous! I had given up on applique because of the tracing issue. With Inklingo, no tracing — no light box — just perfect placement. Love it!

  2. Pure Genius! I have wondered why this wasn’t doable. Linda ‘DID IT’. Thanks so much. The freedom Inklingo gives is ‘Patrick Henry’ worthy. “Give me Liberty or give me death” With Inklingo I can say Give me Inklingo and I’ll do applique! Hurrah! Thanks Linda and Monkey.


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