Free Quilt Layouts Added to Inklingo

The free Inklingo LeMoyne Star Shape Collection is better than ever.

The first downloadable shape collections were introduced in September 2008.

Thousands of quilters have downloaded the free “LeMoyne Star” Collection and used the shapes to make Lone Star, Flying Geese, Hourglass, Sawtooth Star, and other quilts.

Oh, yes, . . . and LeMoyne Star too!

We changed the name from “LeMoyne Star Shape Collection” to “Diamond Triangle Square Shape Collection” because these shapes are so versatile.



It has always been a great collection for diamonds, triangles, and squares, but we added:

  • a gallery of quilts made by Inklingo quilters
  • 17 sample quilt layouts
  • new worksheets
  • detailed, illustrated instructions for sewing and pressing LeMoyne Star
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on freezer paper
  • Monkey’s Cheat Sheet
  • references to the free patterns, blogs, etc.

The free shape collection still includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook on pages H1-H48, Printing with Inklingo.


There is no need to place a new order. I have made it as simple as possible.

  1. If the free shape collection is open in Adobe Reader, close it before you start.
  2. Log in at (top right of the browser window).
  3. Right click on Inklingo Diamond Triangle Square (Prev LeMoyne Star), and choose Save Target As. (Refer to the normal download procedure, if necessary, here.)

The new version of the PDF will download, and you can use it immediately.  You can delete the old PDF from your hard drive (InklingoLeMoyneStarFREE.pdf), if you wish.

There is no limit on the number of times you can download.  (EULA)


You can still open the original version, but you will get a notice that a newer version is available.

If you get this notice, it is a good idea to download the new version with the steps 1, 2, 3, above, as soon as you can.


This method of updating was designed to make the process as gentle and easy as can be. If you are just opening the shape collection to print a few quick triangles or diamonds, and don’t want to stop to download the newer version first, you can continue to use what you have and download later, whenever it is convenient for you.

Easygoing, eh?

Quilting with Inklingo is simple and fun, and that’s why quilters love it.



If you are new to Inklingo, the  Quick Start Guide explains it all. The free collection should be your first download. It includes all of the shapes, instructions for printing on fabric, sewing and pressing instructions, and much more on 383 pages! You can sew by machine or by hand—your choice.

It is simple to get started, but if you have any questions, please ask. You can write to me or to the Inklingo Yahoo group. We’re friendly.

In the next few days, I will also be updating the free Guided Tour and the free pattern for Tilde’s Tiny Totes, because they both refer to page numbers in the free shape collection. The procedure to get the new versions will be the same.


Here’s one more tip from Monkey.

38 of the 55 new pages were added at the beginning, before the Catalogue of Shapes, so if you have a page reference to the old version of the free collection, in most cases you can add 38 for the page number in the new version.
E.g. Page 8 is now page 46. Page 32 is now page 70. It’ll keep our brains young, don’t you think?

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

Linda & Monkey

PS  There is a Search feature on this blog, up at the top, above the header. “Video” is fun too.

PPS  $150 PRIZE  Have you written a Review for Inklingo on the website yet? There is a brand new button on each product page, below Add to Cart. One lucky reviewer will win $150 worth of Inklingo downloads or Gift Certificates. You still have until tomorrow night at midnight to enter. Details in message # 16247 in the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

4 thoughts on “Free Quilt Layouts Added to Inklingo”

  1. Oh wow! I did not think this free collection could be improved, but you did it! I love all the quilt layouts and the worksheets. This free collection alone is enough to secure a lifetime of quilting. Thank you, on behalf of all us poor Inklingo addicts 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, let me count the ways that this FREE INKLINGO LEMOYNE STAR pattern has turned up as a hostess gift. Twice that I can remember as a set of coasters and wine bottle bag, many, too many to count coasters, and a little table topper for me. Let’s hear FREE!!!!!

  3. I love this new version of the collection! All those fabulous layout sheets really help when designing a quilt. And the pictures of quilts made by others with the collection? Marvelous inspiration!!


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