Inklingo Quilters in The Netherlands

My friend, Anneke of Stof Genoeg, has translated the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook into Dutch! Isn’t that Fantastisch?

It makes me happy that many Dutch quilters are quilting with Inklingo. When Anneke translated some pages for the web site, she offered to translate the free chapter of the handbook too.

I am always impressed that so many Dutch quilters speak excellent English, but I wanted to make it even easier for them to print shapes on fabric with Inklingo. So now, when they go to the Inklingo Snelle Start  (Quick Start Guide), thanks to Anneke, they can also download the free PDF of Chapter 1 with all of the instructions for printing on fabric—in Dutch!

The translation looks exactly the same as the English version, except that it is designed for A4 paper, and I rearranged the photos a little bit to make the translation fit. In most cases, translations from English to another language are longer than the English version.

Holland has a very long tradition of quilting. An Moonen’s ‘t is al Beddegoet is full of wonderful photos of quilts made by Dutch quilters between 1650 and 1900. Many of them are inklingoable!

It is one of my favorite quilt books, even though I do not read Dutch. It was a gift from a dear friend from The Netherlands ten years ago. I treasure it. She also gave Monkey his wooden shoes.

Monkey’s wooden shoes are just about the same size as a computer mouse.

I wonder what Dutch quilters from hundreds of years ago would think of us printing our patches with a computer and Inklingo! Wouldn’t they be amazed that Anneke and I can share our love of quilts and become friends through cyberspace?

Anneke started blogging this summer. She has already written some detailed, illustrated posts on “Stof Genoeg” about using Inklingo and using EQ. Every message is in Dutch and in English. It is already one of my favorite blogs.

Thank you, Anneke, for translating Chapter 1 for us. Jij bent een goede Vriendin!

Linda & Monkey

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4 thoughts on “Inklingo Quilters in The Netherlands”

  1. The new REVIEW feature is very cool! Although the link above takes you to one of the free collections for review, I left one on the Hexagon 0.25″ collection page. It’s nice that we can share opinions about the products right on the products page now! That keeps everything organized. Only you would think of that! I’m off to see what everybody else is thinking of Inklingo on the product pages. Thanks Linda!

  2. Lieve Linda & Monkey,
    Heel graag gedaan! Inklingo is zo makkelijk en tijdbesparend – en nog gratis te proberen ook! – dat ik vind dat iedereen die kans moet krijgen. We leren hier allemaal Engels op school, maar quilttermen leren we daar niet!
    Bedankt voor deze prachtig geïllustreerde aankondiging van het Nederlandse hoofdstuk. Ik heb niet van die mooie klompjes, anders zou ik nu een traditioneel Hollands klompendansje gaan uitvoeren om het te vieren ;-).

    Dear Linda & Monkey,
    You are very welcome! Inklingo is so easy and saves so much time – and you can even try it for free! – that I think everyone should get the chance to do so. We all learn English in school here, but no quilt terms!
    Thank you for this wonderfully illustrated announcement of the chapter in Dutch. I don’t have cute little wooden shoes, or else I would be making a traditional Dutch wooden shoe dance here to celebrate 😉

    XXX Anneke

  3. Secuur, Simpel, Snel — I love it!
    What a very nice job Anneke did! The world has once again gotten smaller. We’re all sisters gathered around a quilt frame from the 4 corners of the earth, thanks to people like Anneke and all the other wonderful translaters of your work, Linda!

    And let’s not forget Monkey, who is here to share it all with us. Those shoes are too cute!


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