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Good News for Quilters and Quilting Professionals

Method of Preparing Fabric for Sewing, or for Cutting and Sewing

US Patent 7,814,832 was issued today for the Inklingo method of printing shapes on fabric.

The business model for Inklingo has been designed to benefit all sectors of the quilting industry, not just the inventor. Inklingo offers new opportunities for quilters, designers, teachers, shop owners, online retailers, editors, historians, authors, publishers, programmers, and manufacturers of fabric, sewing machines, supplies, and tools.

The benefits of Inklingo will be significant and widespread. Inklingo is ideally suited to do well in a tough economy. With retail prices ranging from $12 to $50, Inklingo does more and costs less than comparable tools. Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted for machine piecing, appliqué, and hand piecing.

The patent will make it easier for Inklingo to expand quickly and to attract partners and affiliates.

More information is available at this link, but if you have questions, please contact me.

We’re celebrating tonight! As Mary would say, “More later!”  Thank you for visiting.

Linda (& Monkey & Russ)

PS  Please tell your quilting friends and designers!

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30 thoughts on “Inklingo Patent”

  1. I appreciate all of your good thoughts. This is a turning point for Inklingo. I look forward to spending a lot less time on legal stuff and more time working with designers and quilters! You made it easier by supporting me along the way. Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Fantastic news! BRAVO Linda, Russ and Monkey. Inklingo is such a revolutionary concept. Too bad there aren’t Nobel awards for Quilting Breakthroughs!

    Lynn in Newmarket, ON

  3. YEAH!!! I’m so happy for you! When I read your book and see “patent pending”, I wonder how you were making out with that. Nice to see the notice on your site!! Now we can all cheer for you!!
    Congrats Linda & Monkey!!

  4. Happy Patent Day!!! Can we make it a national holiday in the whole of the world since there are so many international Inklingoists? Congratulations and Thank You. I’m doing patterns (complicated reproduction ones esp.) that I never would have even considered any other way. (I even got a new netbook so I could take it to work (a quilt store) to more easily demo inklingo in the middle of anything! And I know you couldn’t have done it without Russ and Monkey–congrats to them, too–truly a group effort.

  5. OH HAPPY, HAPPY DAYS !! Bet Russ & Monkey have to tie a string around your foot so you won’t float away ! What an accomplishment – very much earned and so well done. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. Congratulations on your success for an outstanding product that’s fast, easy, and wonderfully accurate. Thank you for all your hard work, it’s appreciated.

    Inklingo ROCKS !!
    Shirley Hemmings

  6. You all now have TWO birthdays to celebrate … October 19 and your natal day. How wonderful! Congratulations on an excellent product the official patent number.

  7. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you! You are so helpful to all of us, you deserve this for all of your hard work. Looking forward to more of your Inklinkgo shapes……………… Lynda Lois

  8. Wonderful news for you, Russ, and Monkey. I know all of the hard work you have put in – patents are not easy to come by. Well done! Here’s to an even more successful future. All the best, Sally in NY

  9. Bravo chère Linda
    tu as des capacités infinies…cela mérite un bon morceau de chocolat 😉
    You desserve some good chocolate now 🙂
    bons baisers de Bruxelles

  10. Linda, that is such GREAT news! Now the idea of Inklingo is REALLY yours and nobody can take that away. We are all so proud of you and proud to be a part of Inklingo.

  11. Congratulations – on Inklingo’s patent – you invented a FANTASTIC product that has transformed the quilting world and now it’s official – yipeee!! I am so excited for you – I just know this is going to explode beyond all your expectations!!

  12. BIG congratulations Linda, Russ & Monkey! What an exciting accomplishment.

    Have you memorized the patent number yet Linda? tee hee

    Just think forever after your name will be in the history of patents.


  13. WOW, you Inventor you! You are so unique! And now Inklingo is getting the recognition it has been so deserving of since it was invented (by YOU)! The patent has put Inklingo on the map. It’s real. Congratulations!!

    Can we expect to see more Inklingoable collections from you in conjunction with patterns we see in magazines, books and (dare I say) TV? We need it! Thank you Linda!

  14. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
    And you didn’t explode all the time you were patiently helping me. Bless you. I am sooo glad to be a part of such a wonderful/personal/caring success. Sue


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