80 seconds of Inklingo Quilting

Monkey and I are working on a series of short videos to help Inklingo Affiliates. Click to play!

We crammed some good stuff into 80 seconds, eh?

If you turn on your speakers, you will be able to tell how much fun we had putting this together. We were laughing the whole time. (Monkey laughs very quietly.) We hope it will make you laugh too.

If you are new to Inklingo, the Quick Start Guide is for you.

There is info about how to become an Inklingo Affiliate on the web site.

This has been fun, but now we need to get back to work on the new Feathered Star Shape Collections. Let us know your ideas for the next videos too, okay?


Linda & Monkey

PS  Go ahead and embed this video on your blog or web site from YouTube. It’s easy and fun.

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The music is licensed from Unique Tracks.

20 thoughts on “80 seconds of Inklingo Quilting”

  1. Linda – I laughed out loud at your video. It’s a great intro to Inklingo and the wonderful things you can do with it. And how much fun you & monkey had putting this together. I sure enjoyed watching it!

  2. Absolutely wonderful video!!!! I got such a kick out of it. I am sure it will motivate folks to go to your site and investigate Inklingo.
    Can’t wait to see what you come out with next.

  3. Hi Linda!

    Now, THAT’S a video that I truly enjoyed! *grin*

    In fact, if you were to ever have another Inklingo contest, the rules could be that you MUST have this video on your blog.

    The more bloggist that would post your video on their blog, the more Inklingo would get more exposure…. and I think that this is a handy dandy video.

    Honestly, if you’ve never experienced Inklingo and you’re into doing hand piecing, you truly don’t know what you’re missing. *grin*

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  4. Okay, I watched it again and hit “pause” many times, and backed up a lot to catch what went by too quickly.

    Love the Feathered Star that you are working on!!!! Will you consider a Dahlia pattern as well?

    ~ Ronda

  5. Linda and Monkey…….Great work! It is a perfect “trailer” for Inklingo!!!! Everyone will want to go to the site to see more!!! The music and acting are superb. VBG I am honored to see one of my POTC blocks and my fingers are itching for the feathered star, Gorgeous!!!!

  6. Delightful! I guess if you want it to be slower you’ll need to find another composer. Vaughn Williams’s Lark Ascending might be a thought, cause that is how I feel after printing on fabric and then getting to sew on the lines and match the crosshairs. Thrilled.
    Sheron and NeNe

  7. I thought the video was wonderful and the music that went with it was great. I really enjoyed it. I wondered though, if it was a little too speedy for someone who was not familiar with inklingo. It went by so quickly that it was hard to see everything. I don’t think it needs to be slowed down a lot, just slightly, so that a newcomer could get a grasp. This is not a critisizim, I thought it was excellent! You covered everything! Great video!!!

  8. What a perfect intro to Inklingo! Everything about it made me smile and then laugh out loud with delight! And ooh, that Feathered Star at the end … stunningly gorgeous!

  9. You don’t miss anything, do you, Charlsey! LOL Her name is Georgia Mae and she is the granddaughter of a very close friend. I took a bag full of computer mice to their house yesterday afternoon. She liked the purple one the best.

  10. So much fun. Very well done. Is this a trick though. You said 80 seconds of…..the title on the video said 90 seconds of…… and the video player said 1minute 20
    I think you are checking to see if we are alert.


    PS Whose little baby hand is on the mouse?


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