Patchwork of the Crosses in Electric Quilt

When I saw Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses the first time, it appealed to me immediately, and the fascination grew when I realized that the blocks were made with only one shape—the 90 degree hexagon—and the blocks are linked with squares.

Patchwork of the Crosses other sizes

UPDATE! The hexagons are available in four Inklingo sizes, 0.5 inch, 0.75 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, shown on the Main Lucy Boston Page.

There is a size comparison in a PDF at the bottom of the page.

There are several one-patch layouts in Electric Quilt, but this is not one of them, so we decided to prepare it for you.


Patchwork of the Crosses in Electric Quilt

EQ7 Project File

This new Electric Quilt project file includes the traditional POTC block with 24 hexagons. I also included three other variations with fewer hexagons.


Patchwork of the Crosses in Electric Quilt

EQ7 Project File

There are several more EQ7 Project Files free to download from this blog too (EQ tab above).

Kathy Timmons Patchwork of the Crosses

Kathy Timmons was inspired by Lucy Boston too and she has created many beautiful blocks with Inklingo (see more). Just like Lucy Boston, she is an artist with fabric.


Kathy Timmons Patchwork of the Crosses

She fussy custs many of the shapes. (There are tips for fussing cutting and fussy printing on the blog and in my book too.) You can see all of Kathy’s POTC, QD, and other blocks in her albums on Webshots and in the Inklingo Yahoo group.


Kathy Timmons Patchwork of the Crosses

Traditionally, these hexagons would have been sewn with English Paper Piecing, but Inklingo provides the cutting and stitching lines, so you don’t need templates and you can sew by hand or by machine.

When you use Inklingo to print the shapes on the wrong side of the fabric with an ordinary Inkjet printer, it is faster and simpler.

Lucy Boston was famous for her gardens at Hemingford Grey in England.

The Patchwork of the Crosses gives some information about Lucy Boston, but if you would like to know more about her life, her children’s books, her quilts, her ancient manor house (built about 1130), and her famous gardens, you need The Patchworks of Lucy Boston by Diana Boston. It is one of my favorite quilt books even though it doesn’t include any patterns. The story of her life and the photos of her quilts are beautifully presented. The book is full of inspiration for quilts made with simple shapes, and many of them are inklingoable.


Introduction to Inklingo

The video Introduction to Inklingo explains the three key ideas that make Inklingo work.

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Summer flowers

Russ is the gardener here, but he lets me pick the colors. Blue salvia, mauve wave pentunias, and cascading white lobelia will fill the pots on the patio in a few weeks. They are certainly getting enough rain!

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Linda & Monkey
(updated April 2016)


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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6 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses in Electric Quilt”

  1. Darn, getting sucked into another project It’s hopeless now that I discovered you offer the EQ7 file for free! That’s what put me over the edge cuz now I can play around with it and really get into it. Thank you so much for the EQ7 file. I think.

  2. dear Linda,
    thank you for the EQ file, I have 7 blocks done so far, 6 of them are assembled – pic later, it’s raining now 🙁
    greetings to Monkey and Russ too, from Brigitte in Germany

  3. This block captured my imagination immediately. Lucy Boston and Kathy Timmons know their stuff! These are more than just blocks. These are works of art! It takes a special eye to see how fussy cutting a single shape can make something completely different when joined together. It’s just magic! I can’t wait to see all the incredible blocks people will make for the EQ contest with this Inklingo shape collection!

    I own the book and it’s incredible!! Thanks for sharing, and Kathy: thanks for creating these! So beautiful!!!


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