Kathy Timmons Quilt Artist

Kathy Timmons of Nashville makes the most amazing quilts!

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I met Kathy when she was making her Dragonfly Diamond quilt using my Quilted Diamonds books.

It was fascinating to touch her perfect diamonds and admire the fussy cutting. Every one of the blocks used different dragonfly fabrics for the background and the focus. Think about it! That is a lot of different dragonfly fabrics! Kathy is a true fabric connoisseur.

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Kathy’s QD quilt is a masterpiece, in the true sense. You can see the individual blockson Webshots. Her Dragonfly Diamonds quilt was juried into the AQS show in Paducah.

Kathy started printing with Inklingo five years ago. For her current quilt, she is fussy cutting owl fabrics with the 90-degree hexagon from Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

Kathy says:

I really had fun making my Dragonfly Diamonds quilt and I guess I was missing all the fussy cutting. The owl fabrics must have been calling to me because I did not consciously start collecting them. I buy fabric all the time, just because I like it. I rarely have any idea what I am going to do with it. . . other than play. I love having a stash to pull fabrics from.

Kathy prints the shapes (90 degree hexagons and squares) on the fabric with Inklingo and hand pieces.

For the fussy cut shapes, she prints window templates from Inklingo and prepares the shapes à la Quilted Diamonds with freezer paper templates. She has the best of both worlds. There are tips for fussy cutting (Yin Yang example) on the blog here.

Kathy is one of my quilting heroines. She is talented, perfectionist, and prolific. Every seam is perfect.

Kathy’s friendship is a blessing to me.

I am thrilled that she gave me permission to show her owl blocks here.

She has also fussy cut shapes for her Inklingo Feathered Star blocks.

Kathy’s amazing Inklingo version of Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)was juried into the AQS show in Paducah too.

You can see all of Kathy’s POTC, QD, and other blocks in her albums on Webshots and in theInklingo Yahoo group.

If you ever need a little inspiration, you know where to go!

We are still hoping to see 20 Inklingoists submit designs in the June Club EQ Challenge. With that in mind, I have drawn the POTC hexagons in EQ7. Leave a comment if you are interested in seeing the file. You could use the “fussy cutting” tool in EQ7 to create designs the way Kathy has been doing with fabric.

Thank you, Kathy! You are the Queen of Fussy Cutting, and a heroine for quilters.

Every comment will be forwarded to Kathy. Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

PS Don’t forget to enter Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge . You could win in the next draw on June 30!

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12 thoughts on “Kathy Timmons Quilt Artist”

  1. Your work is absolutely stunning Kathy and you are to be congratulated for your work. No wonder you are Queen of Fussy cutting. Its always something to look forward to, to see what next you are up to. Your blocks are incredible. Much love to you 🙂

  2. Kathy your blocks are AMAZING – so inspiring. I have looked at each and every one of your blocks on the forum. I click on one and think ooooh that’s my favorite – then a few blocks later I change my mind – I can’t pick a favorite – they are all so beautiful!

  3. I, also, would like the EQ7 file. Am on vacation in NB and NS in
    Canada, but have EQ7 on DH’s ‘puter and would love to play.

  4. I love anything with hexagons and am so impressed with Kathy’s fussy cut blocks! I’d love to see what what I can do with it in EQ7. Wouldn’t mind have the file, thanks!

  5. WOW Kathy! Thank you for sharing this. I looked at the webshots albums, and now I am somewhere in between infinitely inspired and deeply depressed…;-) I would love to see these blocks and quilts in person some day!

  6. I love the fussy cut owls and the Dragonfly Diamons is breathtaking! I have been on the fence about the POTC collection. Maybe the EQ7 file would give me the push I need. It will no doubt only take a “Monkey-sized” push. 🙂

  7. I can’t believe what I see! These are so beautiful Kathy!!! Your eye for fabric and placement is amazing, and your methods for prep are unique! Thanks for sharing this awesome work, Linda!

  8. What an amazing set of blocks! The winner has to be that cute, cute, cute feathered star block with all the little feathered owls on it! WOW!


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