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The quilts for the Club EQ May Challenge are online now! There are 91 amazing Red and White quilts. You can see them all here.

About 50 quilters entered the May Club EQ Challenge and many of the 91 quilts are Inklingoable, including Feathered Star, School House, and quilts with diamonds, triangles, squares, etc.


5 wonderful designs were submitted by 3 Inklingo quilters!

Anneke of Stof Genoeg, Elly of Mad4patchwork and Erin of A Prairie Home Quilts designed gorgeous Red and White quilts which it would actually be possible to sew—with Inklingo. LOL You can see them here.

Some of the pre-Inklingo designs would be extremely challenging to create in fabric. Electric Quilt and Inklingo are a perfect combo. When you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, you have a line to cut on and a line to sew on.

You can actually sew whatever you design in EQ with Inklingo shapes!

The quilters who submitted quilts receive the project files for all 91 quilts. They are not available to other quilters.

There is a strong incentive to enter in June, don’t you think?


The June Club EQ Challenge is Twenty! Celebrating 20 years of EQ!  It could be 20 blocks, 20 colors, 20 inches, 20 shapes, 20 whatever. Barb Vlack created two examples to get you started. Her 20/20 Vision is very clever!

Isn’t it amazing to think that quilters have been using computers to design quilts with Electric Quilt for 20 years already?

This gets me thinking. There is a 20 inch Inklingo Feathered Star. It is not the same as any of the Feathered Star blocks in Block Base or EQ7. With the new image trace feature in EQ7, it should not be too difficult to draw. . .

Just sayin’.

Or what about 20 Pies & Tarts, or 20 Dresden Plates, or 20 Circles. . .

  EQ7 Project File


Download the EQ7 Project File

There is an Alabama Beauty block in this file for you. I thought Alabama might have been the 20th US state, but it is the 22nd. But wait! Interstate 20 runs through Alabama. How about 20 Alabama Beauties along Route 20?

I also included the half Clamshell shape in the project file, which makes an interesting block called Quilter’s Fan (Beyer 433-12). It is one shape, 4 in a block. Maybe 20 different colors?

Monkey included a few more Winding Ways designs in this project file too, similar to the ones in the Inklingo Winding Ways Design Book.

20 WHAT?

How about 20 Questions? 20 Calories (about 3 almonds, one cracker)? 20 Degrees Celcius is about 68 Fahrenheit, which is a comfortable room temperature. Where does that take you?

Oh, I just remembered. There is a small river near here called the Twenty. The Twenty Valley is in the Niagara tourist region with wineries, golf, etc. I don’t know why they named the creek the Twenty. Any clues there?

When there is a space in a URL, it is often filled with %20. Is there a way to use that? There is the G-20 group of Finance Ministers. Are there any songs with 20 in them? What about a musical score?

The Roman numeral for 20 is XX. It makes me think of Quarter Square Triangles.

You might find a score of ideas about the number 20 on Wikipedia too.

If you enter one or two quilts, you will score all of the designs. (Monkey likes to make puns. I groan.)

If you use Inklingo shapes (and I hope you will), please make a note of the Inklingo Shape Collection on the notecard in your project file. The notecard feature in EQ is indispensable.

You name your quilt for the ClubEQ Challenge, and if you include Inklingo in the name, it will make it easier for Inklingo quilters to identify which quilts they want to make.


You should sign up for the EQ Newsletter now too. This month there is a link to a podcast with Penny McMorris and Annie Smith on Annie’s Quilting Stash.

There are fabric downloads and contests and Anneke’s Stof Genoeg blog is featured too!

If you are thinking about buying EQ, or are learning to use EQ, you will love what you learn by belonging to the Info-EQ list hosted by Planet Patchwork.

Inklingo quilters have a head start with the Inklingo Design Books and the project files provided on this blog. You can create amazing designs—and sew them—thanks to the cutting and stitching lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo.

It would be wonderful to see more Inklingoable quilts when the Club EQ results are posted this summer.

Got an idea or twenty? Ready to learn EQ? Ready to inspire? Is your EQ open yet? Don’t wait another 20 minutes!  Start now and you could be featured next!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

I hope more than three Inklingoists will submit EQ6 or EQ7 designs by June 30. Will you?

9 thoughts on “Electric Quilt Club EQ Challenge”

    • Hi LaVena,
      You do not have to have EQ to use Inklingo.
      However, I have provided some free project files to use with Electric Quilt software.
      Some of them work with EQ5 or EQ6 but some of them only work with EQ7. The newer versions of EQ software have many advantages and EQ5 is very old, so you might want to consider getting the upgrade from EQ.

  1. Sounds great. I am going to give it a try this time! After all there are no Quilt Police and it’s just for FUN…ya?!
    Now that I’ve completed all 22 lessons in the EQ7 manual, a challenge like this could prove to be good “re-inforcement” for what I’ve already learned.
    Super idea; thank you! Count me in. Now we only need 15 more. Who’s next?
    Cyn; -)
    a neophyte EQ7-er

  2. Funny you should mention the 20inch Feathered Star :))
    When I saw the challenge (before reading your post here) I thought of that collection, since it’s one I have ;))
    DH also explained to me the Golden Rectangle that Barb Vlack used in her second 20 design…. hmmm.
    Must get an upgrade to EQ7!! Hugs Ellyx

  3. How about 20 Inklingoists joining in? If Elly and Erin join in again, we only need 17 more! Surely we can do that! We have got at least 20 days for this challenge 🙂


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