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Thank you to Pam Matthews in Australia! And CONGRATULATIONS on having your email published in No. 47 of Australian Quilters Companion magazine!

A dear friend wrote to alert me to Pam’s letter to the editor, which she wrote after reading a review of Inklingo in the magazine.

Pam wrote:

“I have just bought a copy of QC#44 and eagerly looked forward to reading the road test of Inklingo, as advertised on the cover. After I had read the article, it seemed to me that a feature of the product was not covered—the fantastic ability to print your cutting and stitching lines of innumerable shapes straight onto the fabric. I have used this product and this feature allows you to quickly prepare major projects for hand or machine piecing. The pieces are really accurate and the sewing result is excellent.

“As case in point, I prepared all the hexagons and diamonds for A Legacy for Violet (QC#10-12) in a matter of hours. The quilt is now coming together beautifully. Similarly, next month I will use it to do the triangles for Five Blazing Stars (QD#43 and 44).

“Only being able to print on A4 size is not a major disadvantage or any disadvantage at all, as you choose a custom size to print depending on the size and shapes you have chosen.

“I have no affiliation with Linda Franz, but am just a very satisfied and happy quilter.

“I enjoy the projects in your magazine each month and look forward to reading other road tests in the future.”

Australian Quilters Companion “Excellence in Patchwork & Quilting” is an attractive magazine. Every issue seems to have several Inklingoable projects–although they don’t include info about Inklingo. I heard from several quilters who felt the reviewer had not actually road tested Inklingo, even though her review was positive overall.

I am delighted that the magazine published Pam’s letter.

Won’t it be wonderful when all magazine editors realize that quilters want patterns to include information like the name of the Inklingo Shape Collection and maybe hints about custom sizes? It doesn’t take much, and quilters would start and finish more of their designs, buy more magazines and fabric, and have more fun quilting!

I am also willing to do special shape collections for magazines when they are requested.

Pam’s letter is perfection. It is great that she mentioned hand and machine piecing, the variety of shapes available, and how she has used Inklingo to make some of that magazine’s patterns. Every letter like this brings us a little closer to that goal!

THANK YOU, Pam! You put a BIG smile on my face.


I’m going to keep reminding you about this. By request, we are doing Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge again. There will be a draw for two $25 Inklingo Gift Certificates on June 30. All the details are here. Only the date of the draw is changing to June 30. The next two winners will be drawn from comments left there between May 30 and June 30.

Monkey and I are going to feed the chipmunks on the front porch this afternoon. It is always fun, as you can see from the little video we prepared last August. Happy times.

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

4 thoughts on “Australian Quilters Companion”

  1. I have had the trial download for some time, but was hesitant about using it. Tilde’s challenge gave me the courage to just do it. Thank you, it is fun, Helen

  2. That’s just wonderful. I hope many more quilters are fortunate enough to realise what a wonderful program you have. I just love it!

  3. Thanks for the info…it is nice to see that Inklingo is showing up in some mainstream quilt sources.
    I haven’t been successful in convincing my quilt friends to make the leap but I keep on trying. I think maybe because they see me use it for handpiecing only they can’t see how it would work for them. I try to explain it’s very useful for machine work but haven’t had the time to demo it to them. Maybe at our quilt overnighter I will have a little mini demo with some HST’s.


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