NEW Size of Hexagons

Inklingo 1.75 inch Hexagons

Monkey and I love Pieced Hexagons and there’s a new hexagon size today! Ready for you!

60° Hexagons 1.75 inch

Pieced Hexagons with one shape collection

With one hexagon shape collection, you can print and sew the shapes for all of these designs and more! No wonder you asked for them!

Most of the Pieced Hexagons above are 3.5 inch (2 x 1.75 inch) on each side, and 7 inches across the middle from point to point. (The one on the right in the top row is twice as large!)

Hexagon parts

You have all this versatility because Inklingo Hexagon shape collections include the partial shapes–the two different halves, quarters and thirds.

If you also have the 60º Diamonds 1.75 inch. and 60° Diamonds 0.875 inch and 60° Hexagons 0.875 inch, you can print and sew the shapes for more than 300 designs!

1¾ inch = 1.75 inch
7/8 inch = 0.875 inch

Everything is cross-referenced. so you can find all of the 60° shapes and sizes on the website.

Print hexagons on fabric or paper with Inklingo

Love the lines! Quilt more!

No basting, no measuring. Just print, cut and sew.


These 1.75 inch hexagons are a nice size for piecing by hand or by machine.

This video shows how to sew hexagons by machine.

A running stitch is the easiest, most precise, most portable method.

There are 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for English Paper Piecing too.

There is detailed info about pressing too.


60° Hexagons 1.75 inch  $25 is a great value but $20 is fantastic!

If you have been following Inklingo for a while, you know that there have never been “sales” but whenever a new shape collection is introduced, it is at a LOW price for the first few days. Only Inklingo quilters are likely to know about it, so this is a way of rewarding you for your loyalty.

As usual, when you buy your first hexagons, I also add the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value). (Main Design Book Page.)

Arbor in the woods

Russ and I have been having an amazing summer so far. I have spent more time in the fresh air this year than ever before.

The garden is looking wonderful but one of my favorite additions is this arbor in the woods. I’m building woodpile walls and creating a forest sewing room.

I’ll be out there today, so the walls will be getting a little bit higher.

Sewing on the front porch

Then I can rest my weary bones on the front porch and sew more Pieced Hexagons.

That means more photos to share, so please stay tuned.

Linda & Monkey


8 thoughts on “NEW Size of Hexagons”

  1. Linda,
    Thanks for the new size for hexagon shape. You are awesome. It is fascinating to me the computer knowledge you have in conjunction with your precise sewing, thanks to Inklingo.
    I love the pictures of your beautiful home. I would like to walk in the woods.
    Thanks again for all you’ve given to the quilting world.

    Bless you,

  2. Bonjour Linda,
    Très très beaux les hexagones, avez vous edite un livre avec tous les modèles car ça m’intéresserait énormément. Où comment peut on se procurer les modèles ?
    Merci de me répondre,
    Bonne journée

  3. Hello Linda,
    Again you have done it! Thank you for the new collection of hexagons. More fun ahead.

    I love where you live. It seams so peaceful and you have a beautiful place to sit and sew.

    Have a great day tomorrow.


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