About Mariner’s Whirl

Mariner's Whirl by Jinny Beyer

Mariner’s Whirl (382-12) is a variation of Mariner’s Compass which was designed by Jinny Beyer.

My other examples featured fussy cutting (thank you, Lucy Boston!) but it is not required to make this design sing (above).

Mariner's Whirl by Jinny Beyer

There are TWO methods of Fussy Cutting with Inklingo (traditional “Swiss cheese” and “No Waste.)

However, a few quilters have expressed concern about finding SIXTEEN identical motifs in their stash.

(Why I don’t sell acrylic templates.)

Mariner's Whirl by Jinny Beyer

Good news! It looks great with fewer than 16 identical shapes. Stripes are fabulous for the compass points.

Print Mariner's Whirl templates

As usual, the Inklingo Mariner’s Whirl shape collections include layouts of shapes WITH seam allowances (to print on fabric) and layouts of shapes WITHOUT seam allowances (to print on paper).

Print Mariner's Whirl templates

I also included layouts of shapes for directional fabric and layouts of shapes which have a different straight grain but use the fabric more efficiently. Cool, eh?

When I am designing a shape collection I try to imagine how YOU will use the shapes and make them as useful as possible.

Mariner’s Whirl is a very rare case where there was not a good opportunity for “Combo” layouts.

Inklingo is all about making quilting more accessible.

Introduction to Inklingo

When you are ready for Inklingo, please start with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

The free shape collection includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook, so you have everything you need to start printing.
Quilted Diamonds by Linda Franz

Before I go, I’d like to remind you about the new Austen-tatious Quilted Diamonds Group on Facebook. I hope you will join us!

Thank you to Rosemary Youngs of Michigan. While I was putting the finishing touches on Mariner’s Whirl, she very kindly stepped up and issued new challenges. I can hardly wait to see your diamonds!

Both of the designs Rosemary chose (above) were named with quotations from Emma by Jane Austen. QD1 # 84 is “She was obliged to stop and think.” and QD2 # 38 is “The pleasantest part of the day.”

The method of using freezer paper templates in my Quilted Diamonds books is what led me to invent Inklingo. It is all entirely consistent. For many years, quilters who were familiar with QD assumed that Inklingo was just for hand piecing too. Not so! However, the techniques I teach for QD also apply to Inklingo.


Mariner's Whirl 12 inch   Mariner's Whirl 16 inch   Mariner's Whirl 20 inch


I have a little more to say about Mariner’s Whirl before the weekend, so please come back next time.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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  1. Mariner’s Whirl is fabulous!! It took me longer to choose fabrics than it will to sew – I’ve got it almost 25% sewn now and love how it’s turning out! While I found enough yardage of a couple of fabrics in my stash, I decided to go with fussy cutting the centre only. The pages on pressing are great as is everything about these collections!


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