A B Cs of Mariner’s Whirl

Jinny Beyer's Mariner's Whirl with Inklingo

Jinny Beyer created this variation of Mariner’s Compass, called Mariner’s Whirl. (Beyer 382-12).

We are grateful that Jinny was open to the idea of making it Inklingo-able. This design is easier to sew with Inklingo than with traditional methods, and perfect for fussy cutting.

Just print, cut, and sew!

Monkey says, It is as easy as A, B, C.

Mariner's Whirl A B C D

There are so many fascinating things about Mariner’s Whirl, we’ve created an A B C for you.

Mariner's Whirl center Hexakaidecagon

A. The center is a Hexakaidecagon (16-sided shape).

This shape makes it easy to hand piece precisely and accurately with the lines printed on the fabric. It is easier than appliquéing a circle for most quilters.

You might want to fussy cut the center (previous examples).

Even the one for the 20 inch circle will fit on a 5 x 5 inch charm.

Mariner's Whirl B

B. A key feature of the design is that two contrasting fabrics are used for the B shapes around the center.

When all of the B shapes are the same color, the look is entirely different (image above, right).

Mariner's Whirl Mirror Image

All of the shapes are symmetrical except B, so mirror image plays a role.

You decide which way you want the center to spin (above).

Mariner's Whirl mirror image

As usual, the Inklingo shape collection provides layouts with the shape and the mirror image to make it as easy as possible to get the look you want.

Mariner's Whirl reverse applique

C. Circle to square—with reverse appliqué!

With the appliqué method described in the shape collections, you can get perfect positioning and all of the seam allowances lie flat with no bulky bits.

D. Shape D has a gentle curve that is easy to rotary cut accurately.

Many quilters are surprised to discover that they prefer rotary cutting printed curves instead of using acrylic templates.

You won’t know until you try it yourself!

(Why I don’t sell acrylic templates.)

Mariner's Whirl in Electric Quilt

E. E is for Electric Quilt, of course!

EQ is a great way to plan your fabric placement and play with mirror image.

There is a free EQ7 project file you can download. Click on the EQ tab (above) to see all the free project files from Inklingo!

Mariner's Whirl by Jinny Beyer

F. Fussy Cut

There are TWO methods of Fussy Cutting with Inklingo and Jinny Beyer’s fabrics are perfect either way.

Those are Monkey’s A B Cs—and D E Fs.

Inklingo is all about making quilting more accessible.

Introduction to Inklingo

I hope you will start with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection. The methods described in the free shape collection work just the same way for Mariner’s Whirl and any other shapes.

The free shape collection includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook too!

Quilted Diamonds on Facebook

Have you joined the new Austen-tatious Quilted Diamonds Group on Facebook? The techniques in my pre-Inklingo Quilted Diamonds books are invaluable when you print the shapes on fabric.


Mariner's Whirl 12 inch   Mariner's Whirl 16 inch   Mariner's Whirl 20 inch


Now that you know the A B Cs of Jinny Beyer’s Mariner’s Whirl, you might want to jump on the low intro price, which has been extended by one day until tomorrow night at midnight. (June 8, 2019)

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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