New Inklingo Star Point Shape Collection – Itty Bitty

New Inklingo Star Points


You asked for it!

Over a year ago, we added Star Points in two sizes. They were requested by Inklingo quilters who want to make a Texas Star variation designed by Cathi at Quilt Obsession. (Cathi used Inklingo Shape Collection #1, which sold out years ago.)

See Cathi’s design in the header of her blog.

That made many Inklingo quilters happy, but others said “Smaller! Smaller!”

So we listened. If you already have Inklingo 60° Hexagon 0.5 inch, this might be just the cat’s meow.


Inklingo Star Points


When you print the shapes on fabric, you can rotary cut several layers at a time to start sewing sooner and finish sewing faster than with any other method.

The results will make you happy too, thanks to the precise shapes with perfect straight grain, crosshairs, matching marks, and stitching lines.

  • Alternate layouts for a choice of straight grain and directional designs.
  • Use scraps efficiently or buy exactly what you need.
  • No waste fussy cutting (printing 6 identical sheets of fabric for each star)


Inklingo Star Points by hand

Normally Inklingo shapes can be sewn by machine or by hand, but these are too itty bitty to be reasonable by machine, okay?

You can rescue a quilt you started with English Paper Piecing. Finish faster with more precise results!


Use Star Points with other 60° shapes

This is an Add-On shape collection, so you only pay for the shapes you plan to use.

It is up to you whether you use Star Points with hexagons or diamonds or triangles.

When you print shapes with Inklingo, you can relax and be confident that they will fit together perfectly.


Inklingo Star Points to print on fabric


There is also a Star Point on the Inklingo Shape Collection # 3 CD (0.75/1.5 inch).


Inklingo Star Points for Texas Star Quilt

There are already several articles about Star Points on the blog, so you can download and start sewing right away.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagon with 2 inch sides

This Pieced Hexagon uses the new Star Point Add-On with 60° Hexagon 0.5 inch and 60° Diamond 1.0 inch.

I wonder how many more Pieced Hexagons you could make with the add-on Star Points and 300 Pieced Hexagons!


Inklingo Star Point Variations

I listen to you. Shapes which are requested frequently move up the list quickly. When you request something, please include the size you want, okay? It makes it much easier for me.


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Inklingo Star Point Variations


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Linda & Monkey

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3 thoughts on “New Inklingo Star Point Shape Collection – Itty Bitty”

  1. I LOVE itty bitty!!! These are too cute!! Can’t wait to see Cathi’s plans for these with the .5″ hexies!

    The pics of Monkey in this collection are priceless!

  2. Wow! This is a great new shape Linda. Since I am a big fan
    of stars, I just might give this one a try!

    Keep on bringing new shapes we love them all!


  3. These are absolutely adorable! I have just the right fabric for them and the ideas are flying through my mind! A few years ago I printed eighty gazillion .50″ hexagons (well, okay, may be a slight exaggeration) but never went any further than printing and cutting them out. Now? Now I have some fabulous ideas for them using these impossible to resist little star points! Oh, what fun this is going to be.


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