Simple Things Make Sewing Fun

Inklingo Quilters know how to have fun.

Monkey says it’s often the simple things that make sewing fun.

  1. Wear reading glasses or turn the lights on so you can see without strain.
  2. If you are hand piecing on the go, thread several needles on the spool when your eyes are fresh and the light is good. Then you can take a length of thread with each needle, one at a time. Secure the end of thread on the spool to keep the needles from falling off.
  3. Wear a finger pincushion whether you are sewing by hand or by machine.


Win a pincushion from Inklingo


Monkey has a few extra finger pincushions to give away.

If you leave a comment on the Inklingo Facebook page, before Sunday night at midnight, you could win one of them!

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NOTE The more comments and shares, the more pincushions we will give away! Sharing will NOT hurt your chances of winning.


Inklingo How to Make a Finger Pincushion

I posted a 90 second video about How to Make a Finger Pincushion on the Inklingo Facebook page a few months ago, so even if you aren’t one of the lucky winners, you can see how Monkey and I make them.

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Inklingo Print shapes on fabric with your Inkjet


The Quick Start Guide under the Support & Goodies tab explains the 3 simple things that make Inklingo possible.

We think Inklingo makes sewing more fun too.


The two new hexagon shape collections for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) are only $20. After midnight tonight, they will be $25.


If you have already bought either of the other POTC hexagon shape collections, you can download the new versions any time to get the third layout of hexagons—free!


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Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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22 thoughts on “Simple Things Make Sewing Fun”

  1. I really like Monkey and I think he is so smart. I would love to
    Win one of his finger pincushions, but I am checking out your
    Blog on how to make one in case I don’t win. Thanks Linda!

  2. Ooh, this may be the answer for me. My poor dog was wandering around the other day with a long pin in her elbow. I felt like such a wicked mum. Also Minty my lamb has just seen monkey all dressed up, and I’m afraid that pincushion envy has set in.

  3. I would love one of these, I’m not sure if I already put in a comment for it – maybe on facebook? I keep telling people about Inklingo on my blog and have had some asking me more questions and keep sending them to your blog and site.

  4. Hi Linda! I would love a pincushions from you & Monkey…that would be very special! I keep telling everyone on FB how much I love Inklingo!!!

  5. I love Inklingo. Hoping to use up a lot of scraps. Thank you so much!! Going on vacation soon and would love to win one to take with me!

  6. olle mono lindo y gracioso, que tal si me regalas un anillo alfiletero de esos que tu tienes tan bonitos?, aunque mi señora linda, si a Colombia puedan llegar.He aprendido de Ud, mucho sobre los hexagonos, gracias.

  7. Hi Linda again, I forgot to say I am doing my first Inklingo piece. I have been piecing hexagons with your method and I really like it. Not as bulky as using the cardboard shapes. Thank for the instructions.

  8. Hi Linda, love your ideas, they are so much common sense they we don’t do because we are usually in such a hurry to start sewing. I especially like the one about threading several needles, I can relate to that one, and the good light is especially important. I have just made my first finger pincushion took me all of about 5 minutes. Thank you

  9. What a perfect accessory for Inklingo! Just starting out, but how thrilling to print onto fabric. It makes the whole process so quick! Love it! Thanks Linda and Monkey!

  10. Monkey please tell Linda how thrilled I am with the new POTC sizes and that I think a new pincushion would look ever so nice in my little basket with all the new little Inklingo pieces I’ve cut out. Heidi

  11. I love these little pincushions! They are just the right size!

    I am heading over to your Facebook page to leave a comment so I can have a chance at winning one of these (possibly modelled by Monkey?)!

  12. Inklingo Rocks! Monkey cracks me up. The books on Linda’s site are beautifully done and all treasures. I was new to hand piecing till inklingo and find it so calming. I love the portability of it. I have mostly done the POTC in black and white. Life got in the way and I have been away for sometime and am looking forward to catching up with everyone. Not owning a hot glue gun I never made any finger pin cushions. They would be perfect for inklingo. Thank you Linda for being you.



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