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If you are like me, sometimes you feel intimidated by starting a new quilt. No one wants to become discouraged and never finish.

When you start with perfect shapes printed on the fabric, you can be confident you can finish with a smile—like tens of thousands of quilters in more than 65 countries.

Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted. I’m here to start you on this exciting new adventure.

“Today I actually printed on fabric. It is great! My husband is more than surprised that printing on fabric comes out so neat. I’m reading your newsletter/blog and love it.” – Birgitt in Germany

I am a quilter too and I am happy to help, so you can enjoy using this amazing tool. Inklingo IS the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.

Inklingo is featured on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, Episode 2911. If you are not a member, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial to watch this one-hour show and any others.

If you have questions, please ask. There is usually a simple answer and it could save you some time.

Let’s stay in touch.

Linda & Monkey in Canada linda@lindafranz.com

This short video explains how Inklingo works, so you can print on fabric with your Inkjet.

How to Prepare Fabric Sheets to Print (Clip from Live Video 07 March 2018)

I always recommend starting with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection because it includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook (pages H5 – H48) and some great shapes to print on fabric ($20 value). You should also see the Guided Tour in your account under Downloads.

If you included your mailing address on your order, I will send you a free fabric sample printed with Inklingo. (Canada & USA only)

Inklingo free fabric sample


I have drawn the layouts of shapes so you can print them. It is as simple as possible.

Print your first shapes following a step-by-step example with the free Diamond Triangles Square shape collection.

The example uses the free shape collection because everyone has it, but the steps are the same for any other shape collection. One method, hundreds of designs!

The shape collections are big PDF files. It is necessary to open with Adobe Reader (free) and not a browser or a different PDF viewer. (Download Instructions.)

This short video explains how Inklingo works, so you can print on fabric with your Inkjet.


The video at the top of this page explains the 3 key ideas that make Inklingo work.

Inklingo Test Page

(1) There is a test page for the ink.

Print a custom page size to save fabric

(2) The pages are 13 x 19 but we use an ordinary 8.5-inch wide printer, because . . .

Inklingo Custom Page Sizes

(3) . . . we print Custom Page Sizes to get exactly the number of shapes we need without waste. (We never print the whole 13 x 19-inch page.)


When you are ready, there are short lessons on the blog under the tab Top 10 Tutes. They include topics like:

  • how to print a test page
  • how to print on small scraps
  • how to avoid jams
  • how to print on dark fabric
  • how to fussy cut
  • and more!

You can look at those tutes (tutorials) in any order. The blog is also searchable. The mystery Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville is a good intro for beginners.

Print on fabric or paper

Learn to print on fabric with the free shape collection and then you will be ready for hexagons and all other shapes.

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